Friday, September 18, 2009

Everyday Life: Letting go, growing up

Yesterday, the toddler packed his clothes, gave me a kiss and hug and bid me farewell as he ventured off to spend the weekend with Grandma Puppy.

And I cried.

The house is so quiet without him, and the silence is eerie. During the night, no one climbs into my bed declaring "I snuggle mommy now." The almost constant giggling that fills our home during the day echoes in my heart instead of the living room.

So I cry. Even though he'll be back in a few days and all will be normal again, I cry.

I blame my tears on the post-pregnancy hormones. But really, I know I'm crying simply because my first baby cannot stay nestled in my arms forever.

He's stretching his wings, and he's venturing out of the nest. Problem is, no matter how grown he looks, he never could venture out of my heart.

It dawns on me that while I'm crying, I should be soaking up this time with my new little guy because before too long, he, too, will be asserting his independence, declaring he is spending the weekend with Grandma Puppy.

So I take pictures of our new babe to help archive this time in my mind.

I snuggle him, while praying for time to slow.

Oh, growing pains. I think they are most severe for the mommy.


  1. My little boys spent the night at Grandma's for the first time this summer and it felt so weird and wrong. I totally get what you're saying.

  2. The growing pains are absolutely harder for the moms thananyone else. WHAT a great snuggly little picture at the end there. Let me know if you need a babysitter ;)

  3. It must be the weekend to feel our kids tug at our hearts. My post was similar about my lil one growing and my olders ones being WAY too grown. It goes way to quickly.

  4. I still get those growing pains even when my big boys are away. I guess mama hearts are made to ache at times. Love all the photos. So sweet!

  5. Awww... it IS tough. Mine is a velcro-baby and so needy and I barely have 2 minutes to rub together fr myself, and yet.... if she sleeps with dad in the morning I miss her. Can't win. :)

  6. It's nice to you get to nest with the new baby. I enjoyed that time with Anna because I too knew that it would not last long since the first child taught me that life moves quickly.


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