Sunday, September 27, 2009

Everyday Life: You live; you learn; you get purple boobs

** There's still time to win your choice of a Bebe Au Lait nursing cover **

Motherhood has afforded me some pretty awesome life lessons; but this latest lesson really puts the icing on the mommyhood cake. It's even better than the lesson learned after the toddler figured out how to remove his diaper and then began spoon feeding poop to his stuffed animals. I didn't think it could get any more unbelievable than that, but it has. Ready for it?

When you are using a nipple shield to aid in breastfeeding because your infant has a high palette and has been leaving your poor nipples looking like dented tubes of lipstick after nursing, do not allow yourself to procrastinate in properly washing said nipple shield after your newborn engages in middle of the night feedings. No matter how tired you are, pull yourself from bed and wash that shield!

Because if you don't, you'll probably end up with purple boobs.

I'm totally not kidding. The baby and I developed thrush, a yeast overgrowth, probably from not really scrubbing the shield well after every use, and the natural remedy for thrush is Gentian Violet ... a bright purple plant-based dye ... that you have to paint onto your nipples and around the inside of baby's mouth.

Oh, we look like quite the purple pair -- the baby with his bright violet mouth and me with my bright violet boobs. It's like wearing the scarlet letter. But instead of sporting the scarlet A that screams that I'm an adultress who slept with a local clergyman, I'm wearing the violet L, which instead lets everyone know that I'm the lazy mom who didn't properly wash her shield during the night because she really just wanted to get the heck back to sleep after the babe's 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. feedings.

This would be a story for the scrap books normally, but I think I'm going to bypass memorializing this incident because scrap books require pictures, and I don't really think this is a moment I want captured with photographic evidence.

At any rate, wash your nipple shields. And bottle nipples. And pump equipment. And pacifiers. Wash it all properly after every use. Because not only does thrush reward you with purple nipples and your baby with a very lovely violet mouth, it also rewards a very tired mama with a gassy, rashy newborn. You don't want to sport the Violet L. Your boobs and clothes (yes, it stains clothes!!) will thank you.

Off to do some more painting.


  1. Oh no! What a sight! And who can blame you for not properly washing your nipple shields at 2am and 4am? Wear that purple with pride! Spoon feeding poop to the animals. Oh my. Can't say I "been there, done THAT" should write a book.

  2. Ha!! I agree a book would be great!!

    programming note: some people have told me that they aren't getting the feed for my blog in their readers since I switched names. You may need to resubscribe (or unfollow and then follow me again.) Sorry for the mixup everyone!!

  3. Would wipes be sufficient so you don't really have to wake up and get out of bed?

  4. Did you write this post already? Either I read this somewhere else in the past few months or ummm weird sense of deja vu. Totally weird.

    Yikes! Although I was hoping you'd at least have pictures of the baby's mouth ;)

  5. I'm sure you look good in purple, but not this way :) Isn't it tough enough on new mamas? Hope everything gets better soon!


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