Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Natural, homebirth: The toddler's take on laboring

A view of our labor day through the toddler's eyes ....

I was in the bathroom, and I felt a large gush of fluid rush out of my body. Uncertain if it was just urine, I thought perhaps it was my water breaking because there was a huge amount of pressure accompanying the gush.

I called to the hubs, "Honey, I think my water might have broke."

He said, "Really?! Wow!"

I said, "Yeah, but I'm not totally sure."

He said, "Well, that's OK if it did. Just relax."

The toddler ran up to his daddy just a few seconds later, a little bit panicked, holding my water bottle and said ever-so-innocently, "Mommy said the water broke! Fix it, daddy, fix it! Mommy need help!"

The hubs, trying not to giggle, "Don't worry, honey; mommy was talking about a very different water."

And in the midst of some major discomfort, I found myself laughing out loud. This, of course, was just another perk of being at home, doing everyday life during labor.


  1. H, congrats! I haven't stopped by in a while and suddenly you have a baby!! I am so happy that you had a very successful homebirth. I was lucky that my hospital-birth was VERY good with both of my kids, but I am always a bit jealous of those who can homebirth safely. :) Enjoy your newborn snuggles.

  2. Adorable post! He's going to be a great big brother!

  3. From the mouths of babes! I love these tidbits!


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