Monday, September 21, 2009

RAVE: Win a beautiful and functional Bebe Au Lait nursing cover

When the toddler was born, I was determined nothing would stop me from nursing my baby.

The rocky start didn't deter me. The sole responsibility for feeding the baby didn't bother me. And the stares, comments and gawking from strangers while publicly nursing didn't stop me either.

But the rude remarks certainly made me feel uncomfortable, which decreased the normal comfort I felt while nursing my baby. And though I love to advocate breastfeeding, I often times felt like I just wanted to bond with my baby during a nursing session no matter whether I was in public or private, and that was hard for me to do while trying to ignore the people around me who were very interested, to say the least, in my decision to nurse my little guy.

When I came across Bebe Au Lait and Hooter Hider (same company, different designs for each brand) nursing covers just before our second little guy was born, I was really interested in giving one of them a shot to see whether it was worth adding to our stash of baby paraphernalia. I really wasn't too sold on the idea of having to remember to pack yet another baby item in the diaper bag every time we left the house. Nonetheless, I spoke with Bebe Au Lait about reviewing the product here on my blog so I could share my findings about the covers with you.

And I have to say this is one of the best baby/mommy products I have come across! I am so excited to share my experience with you because I think the Bebe Au Lait/Hooter Hider cover is a very beneficial breastfeeding aid for mama and baby.

I tried the beautiful Villa print Hooter Hider with baby E. when he was only five days old. My grandparents were visiting, and my grandfather's comfort level with nursing is on the lower end. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to evaluate it; nursing a newborn is often hard enough to do without having to mess with a cover, but using my Hooter Hider was extremely easy.

The rigid neckline allowed me to see exactly what I was doing while trying to latch baby E. onto the breast, and it allowed me to look at him during the entire duration of his nursing session while still being in the same room conversing with my grandparents.

Our Hooter Hider showcased its breathability on that hot day, too; when I lifted the cover off of baby E., I found he was still cool and comfortable.

After using the Hooter Hider that day in the comfort of our home and finding that it wasn't an added inconvenient step in the process of nursing a newborn, I decided to give it a go while nursing in public. We went out to lunch the very next day, and the Hooter Hider earned a permanent place in our diaper bag!

Our Hooter Hider proved to be the perfect aid for breastfeeding in public. Here's what I have found I love about using our Hooter Hider while nursing baby E. when we're out and about:

- The Hooter Hider not only covers my breasts for discreet nursing, but it also covers my stomach and sides, hiding the extra baby chub I managed to gain around my middle section -- a very nice perk for the post-partum mama!

- When used with a nursing pillow, I had one hand free so I could continue eating lunch while discreetly nursing my babe. The cover also provided a natural shield for baby against any food that might have fallen off of my fork while I was eating -- also a nice perk for the uncoordinated mama.

- It provides a barrier of warmth for baby while in air-conditioned places, yet it is light-weight enough to not overheat mama or baby.

- The Hooter Hider has wash cloth material sewn onto the corner of the under side of one edge, giving mom a handy spit up rag. There is also a small pocket sewn into the underside of the material -- perfect for holding a pacifier, credit cards, keys or any other small item.

- The Hooter Hider makes nursing in public feel like a private affair. Even when I'm immersed in a roomful of people, I still feel like I can steel away while wearing the cover and bond with my baby while he's nursing without totally removing us from the situation. The extended rigid neckline allows for eye contact, which helps mom and baby bond.

- I foresee the Hooter Hider being very convenient when baby E. is in the distractable stage. Using a nursing cover while in public definitely could help baby focus on eating instead of his or her surroundings.

- And as an added bonus to its functionality, it is beautiful. I feel stylish while wearing it -- it's much more chic than slinging a baby blanket over both baby and me.

Here's how you can win your very own Bebe Au Lait Hooter Hider nursing cover (you even get to pick the design you love if you win!):

* Leave a comment sharing why you think breastfeeding is so important! You do not have to be breastfeeding currently to win if you know a breastfeeding mother to whom you'd like to gift the nursing cover.

You can earn additional entries if you ...

* Become a follower of my blog and leave a comment letting me know (if you're already a followerer, leave a comment letting me know.)

*Leave a comment with a link to your Twitter page after you have Tweeted about why breastfeeding is so beneficial (please provide a link to this contest in your Tweet!).

* Leave a comment telling me you posted a link to this contest via your Facebook status. Be sure to include in your status about why breastfeeding is so important!

The winner of the Bebe Au Lait/ Hooter Hider nursing cover will be announced Tuesday, Sept. 29. The winner will be contacted via e-mail, so be sure to provide me with your e-mail address when you enter.

Happy nursing!


  1. Ooh! Great contest! Breastfeeding is important because it comforts my baby. I can see how secure it makes her feel when she's upset.

    I'm a follower on google reader.

  2. That is awesome! I love it! I nursed all three littles and wish I had nursed the last one longer (couldnt pump at work). It's so healthy for them, not to mention the bonding and saving money. It's beneficial all around! I am a follower and I posted on my Twitter! Pariyorker

    Fingers crossed!

  3. Breastfeeding is important because it gives my child the nutrients that he needs for his exact age and gives him immunities.

  4. I posted this via facebook too...can you tell that I'd really like the nursing cover? :)

  5. One reason why breastfeeding is important; hmmmmmm.... There are so many, but, the reason we chose too is because we have such a short time to establish healthy bonds and habits with our children. We wanted to give baby J the best start possible which includes a strong familial bond and a healthy immunity.

    We <3 your blog! Gives me a sense of normalcy iduring my mama dramas. See you on FB!

  6. There are so many benefits to nursing, but I'll try to keep my comments short and sweet. I love nursing because it is natural, has been practiced for centuries, fulfills the intended purpose of breasts, is so convenient, doesn't have to be warmed up, is free, is relaxing, makes moms rest on the couch throughout the day (which they need to do but often don't do as much as they need to) and gives mommy and baby good cuddle time, (or in my case, mommy and babies--2 breasts to feed 2 babies!). Okay, I said I'd TRY to be brief, not that I would be successful in that endeavor.:)

  7. Breastfeeding is so important for so many reasons (I breastfed Mister Man until I was told by my ob that Little Miss wasn't getting enough nutrients or growing in utero and Little Miss until she was mmm 19 months?): the bond is key, the nutrition you can't get anywhere else, the antibodies you pass along, the lack of pressure to "finish off" that bottle... shall I go on? :)

  8. I follow you (and I SO know the perfect mom for this!).

  9. Breastfeeding is important for the health and well being of mother and baby. Everyone knows the medical benefits to the baby but not everyone knows or understands the physiological benefits to the mother. As a Mama who suffers from depression, nursing my babes has helped minimize the effects of my postpartum depression. Being so close really helps me connect and gives me a sense of purpose.

  10. I forgot to mention that I follow you... and your blog. :)

  11. Breastfeeding is important because, not only does it provide my baby with the ideal first food, but it also has given me an amazing ability to trust by baby and my body. I had to tune in to my babies and let them take the lead. My children learn to identify their own hunger signs and eat when and as much as they need as opposed to eating a prescribed amount of food on an arbitrary schedule. I learned to stop overanalyzing everything and just trust the process. These lessons has not been easy for this type-a planning obsessed mommy but the resulting confidence and trust is so worth it.

    I also follow your blog.

  12. So I was a discreet follower, but now I made it official! When I get my site and blog updated, I'll link to you.

    Breastfeeding is important because it provides exactly what my baby needs even as his needs change with growth and development. It supports the bond between mother and child, provides immunities and is nature's first and perfect food. Also, the uses and natural healing potential in breastmilk is amazing!

  13. During my bridal shower in Belleville, one of my friends had one of these and nursed her baby during the events. It was very discreet and she was able to participate in the events and even finish her lunch, all while breast feeding! I think it is a wonderful product and when my day comes, I will likely buy one.

  14. I'm not entering, but I just wanted to drop by and say hi!

  15. Hy-
    Great to see you today! I love nursing, and will be sad when someday it ends. :) it makes mothering so much easier, especially in the toddler stage and older. I don't need a cover, but if I win you can give it to Janelle :)
    I love my hooter hider, and found it very useful with Z, though K refuses to nurse under it, it's also been helpful at places like the airport.

  16. Bottles seem like such a hassle compared with the simplicity of nursing. Especially for night feedings! But the biggest reason I'm pro bf is because my son has been so healthy since birth. The 2 times he was actually sick (both following drs visits) he recovered super quickly too!

  17. I'm not going to enter the contest (don't know anyone currently breastfeeding) but what a fantastic product! The day we came home from the hospital w/ Monsoon, my grandparents came over so I had to cover us with a blanket to nurse him. I then had to threaten my grandmother's life because she said to me, "Hooooney, you're gonna smother him!"

  18. Hyacynth, I posted a link to the contest on my Facebook! Thanks for telling me how! :)

  19. I totally just heard about this product this weekend! I am hooked! Even though I have no baby and no prospects for baby-making, I think this is the coolest thing EVER. I know I will breastfeed when I have a little one; the health benefits for the baby alone (immunity boosting, etc.) are worth it, but I think the whole bonding thing would be the biggest bonus.

    P.S. You know I'm a follower, woman!


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