Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Difference Between Mommies and Daddies: The definition of "hot"

The hubby came home from work today full of compliments for me and began showering me with hugs and kisses instead of going directly to the dinning room table to read the mail. At first I was really glad to be found more fascinating than the mail, but then I began to wonder why I was being loved on.
Did he lose a bunch of money in the stock market?
Was he going to tell me his company was sending him to India for two weeks?
Were we being transferred to Alaska/anywhere colder than good old Illinois?

After a few more seconds of compliments and kisses I asked him what got into him.
"Can't I just love my wife?" he asked.
"Um, sure," I said. "But seriously, what's going on?"
"I just think you're hot," he replied.
"Hmm," I said.
I contemplated abandoning my questions since he was rubbing my shoulders at that point, but I couldn't help myself.
"Seriously?" I asked.
"Yes! I just love you!" he exclaimed. "And I think you're hot."
"I see," I said. "Forgive me for questioning your affection, but I have a hard time believing I'm hot. I haven't showered in three days, my breath smells like meatloaf, and I'm wearing regurgitated breast milk while sporting unmatching workout clothes that are probably about four sizes too big ... I guess your standards really sink pretty low for hot when you have a toddler and baby."
"I love you, too, honey," he said.

I suppose I just got points for merely brushing my teeth and getting dressed for the day! I guess that would make me look pretty hot, huh?

And that is the difference between mommies and daddies.


  1. Bahahahahahaha! How long has it been since the baby was born? I'm guessing that he is looking for some lovin' right now!

  2. Amen. I'm so with you on the suspicions when my husband gets all lovey dovey like that. But he always swears it's just because he loves me and loves to look at me and ... gag ;)

  3. I am with the previous commenter...he is testing the waters to see if you are ready to resume "intimate relations." LOL, *that* is the difference between mommies and daddies.

  4. BTW, I am no way suggesting that you are not hot.


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