Thursday, October 22, 2009

Everyday Life: It's deja vu, baby!

Can you tell who's who?

Sometimes it all feels like deja vu because our second born looks like he could be our first born's twin.

Let the guessing begin!


  1. I'm not even going to guess :) They're so cute though!!

  2. I'd guess Gabe on top and Ethan on bottom. :) They do look a lot alike!

  3. Wow! That's amazing! That never happened with any of my three. They look so different, all of them. Make sure to label those pics!

  4. Wow! they look really alike.

    Gabe is the first?

  5. That is sooo cute. Gabe is so cute and now you know that you'll have another that matches. I always worry about having a second cuz the first came out so cute (but I am partial). Happy mommie days!

  6. Oh you've got such cuties. I love little guys. Fingers crossed you're staying healthy (liquid D3?).

    My vote is that first is second and second is first :) But I have no idea.

  7. Oh gosh, they are identical! I'm guessing big brother on bottom and baby brother on top.

  8. Wow they look so much alike!
    Gabe's on top, Ethan bottom :)

  9. Wow, they do look so much alike! So cute!


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