Monday, October 5, 2009

Everyday Life: Passed Out

I only have energy to battle one thing at a time.

And because I have no choice but to fight this cold, I decided against battling the toddler today when he refused to fall asleep for his nap after 20 minutes of snuggling. Even the baby was didn't want his normal nap, so I just gave up on getting my own down time. Early bed time in lieu of a nap sounded perfectly fine for me, so I threw in the towel and we all ventured back down the stairs together to play and go about the rest of our afternoons.
I left the boys playing in the living room so I could start dinner. I put the baby on his stomach for tummy time, and I suggested the toddler fix his fire truck with all of his tools. A few minutes later, I didn't hear any clanking, so I asked the toddler how the fixing was going. He didn't say anything.
Two minutes later, I asked him again how he was doing. Again I was met with silence. Uh oh, I thought; silence in this house usually spells trouble in the form of the toddler trotting his Lion King figures through his puddles of pee and calling them lakes after removing his diaper and forming said lakes. And then I heard "sucksucksucksucksuck."
Ten seconds of silence.
How did the toddler get his pacifier, I wondered; he's knows that it's only for bed time.
Extremely confused, I abandoned the meatloaf and went to the living room to check on the strange silence. Even the baby had stopped making his squeaking noises. As I popped my head around the corner, I nearly fainted in disbelief.

and this

Apparently, the boys had to pick and choose their battles today, too: fight sleep or the cold.

Boys and mommy: zero points
Yucky fall colds: one million


  1. How adorable! Z has NEVER done that, but K used to do it during tummy time a lot. Hope you enjoyed your silence!

  2. That is quite possibly the cutest thing ever :)

  3. Sweet sleeping tots! Hope everyone feels better soon :)

  4. That is SO sweet. I'm with ya on the cold though. I'm fighting it and trying REALLY hard to stay away for the Vikings game but ummm the second half just started and I'm about ready to go up to sleep. *sigh*

    LOVE the sleeping boys!

  5. Oh my goodness. That is so cute! Did you curl up next to them too or did the meatloaf win that battle?

  6. Awwww! Did you go lay down too?

  7. I hope you left the meatloaf and curled up next to them. Absolutely adorable :)

    I love reading your blog Hyacynth-- thanks for making me smile!


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