Saturday, November 28, 2009

Everyday Life: Decorations

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We began decorating the house for Christmas yesterday.
Gabe was so excited. He pulled decorations out of box happily and he ooohhed and ahhhed over things about which he had no clue -- like the little cheese spreaders with snowmen handles.
Then he got to the stockings. "Ohhhhh," I said. "You found the Christmas stockings! How fun. We have to hang those on the staircase so Santa can come and put goodies in them."
The two year old looked at me like I had two heads.
I went into the kitchen to grab some string; when I came back I found this:

Apparently, the name was a little misleading. The toddler thought that his Christmas stocking was, well, his Christmas stocking. For his foot.
"Where my other sock, mama?" he asked.
Again, I tried to explain that we needed to hang the stockings on the staircase railing so Santa could out fun presents in them because if he wore his sock, Santa wouldn't be able to put anything in there. You know, because it would be full of a foot.
But he refused. I put all of the other socks on the railing before I finally convinced him an hour later to hang his with the rest.
All day, he kept walking by the socks inquiring about why we had to hang them from the staircase. It just didn't make sense to him.
He kept asking me why we hang the socks from staircase. And I kept telling him so Santa could put goodies in it. But he persisted with his question.
But, um, I don't really know what to tell him.
Why do we hang socks from the staircase?


  1. HILARIOUS!!! My son does things like this ALL the time, it makes me laugh so hard. :)

  2. so wonderful :) can't wait to have that discussion with vince next year!

  3. We're having the same discussions in our house these days! I'm finding myself trying to rationalize things to a three year old who kind of understands, but doesn't remember all the fun from last year. Enjoy it :)

  4. He looks so cute! I love the little ones at Christmas time. I have to start decorating too. I feel like Christmas will be here in a blink of an eye :)

  5. I love that! (Ok, and the first time I read your explanation of the stockings at the start as coming from him, and my jaw was hanging down at his vocab!) He's such a cutie... and I'm glad you finally convinced him that he has to hang the stocking. I'm sure he'll finally really get it come Christmas morning!

  6. Thank you for your story. One of the things I miss most about my own childhood is the Christmas decorations my mother took such care in placing about the house. It made the holiday so much more exciting and mysterious. My favorite among these decorations were the stockings hung above the fireplace just asking to be filled with goodies. Happy holidays.


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