Sunday, November 22, 2009

Everyday Life: Lessons from George

The two year old has developed an intense love affair with Curious George. He began watching the program just a few weeks ago, and he's hooked like a fish on the end of a fishing line. He knows George is on TV after breakfast. And he found George at the library, so George (eight whole episodes, oh my!) came home with us during a most sensational and convenient time.
Just as I was beginning to explain to the two year old why we "have to wear shoes and coats outside now because it's cold, but, no, it's not quite cold enough to wear gloves ... or snow pants ... or parkas ... or snow boots so put them back in the closet. And, oh, yes, you do have to zip that cold because it is cold enough for that ...", a George episode emerged about seasons.
Do you know how hard it is to explain to a preschooler that terrible period of fall where everything looks dead because the leaves have already fallen, the temperatures have dipped low enough to be uncomfortable for daytime play outside and the days have shortened dramatically AND there is no snow to make up for all those atrocities?
Yeah, it's really tough. Because in a preschooler's mind all of the fun things about winter -- skiing, sledding, tunneling, digging -- include snow ... not just yucky cold temperatures and gray skies. Anyway, the George episode explained lots of fun things to do when it's cold outside and there's no snow. George played made ice and played with ice. Our preschooler tried that but found that the temperature was just a little to warm to hold the ice throughout the day.
So he got inventive, just like that curious little monkey, and found his own fun, chilly day activity:We call this fall sledding.

And he invited George the monkey. You see him, don't you? Gabe is handing George a rock.

Here's a great shot of George holding the rock while my little monkey discusses where he's going to pull the sled with George in tow.

When both little monkeys were too tired to pull, the preschooler enlisted some help.

Of course, monkeys cannot sit still for too long, so when he and George were adequately rested, my little monkey happily took the reigns again.


  1. I want George and Gabe to come over and play with my little one too! So cute how kids use their imagination. We're big Curious George fans around here. Those are terrific books for that age.

  2. I honestly think George is one of the better shows :) It used to be our saving grace around dinner time!

    And I just love toddler imaginations right now :) So sweet!

  3. i stared hard to see george. i think i got a glimpse of him. that picture was priceless!

  4. So cute! Yay for George! :)

  5. I love your Gabe-isms. He has become quite the little man. I fee like it's a peek into vince's future as a toddler :) It's always comforting to read your posts. Thanks Hyacynth!


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