Thursday, November 5, 2009

Everyday Life: Motherhood means ....

surviving an 11 hour-hour car with an antsy toddler who is demanding to watch the sing-along-song farm DVD for the fifth time in a row and not chucking the DVD player out the window after hearing a bunch of kids on the video rap "The Farmer in the Dell ...

encouraging an irritated, crying baby gnaw on your finger until it is wet and wrinkled and on the verge of permanently losing all sensation because it's better than hearing him scream; and stopping the car every 15 minutes to walk around and pacify him would make a cranky daddy even crankier ...

driving for five consecutive hours in the middle of the night while trying not to explode pee out of every orifice of your body because you as the hubby and the little ones, who are equal levels of cranky, are finally all asleep and you'd rather arrive at home with pee-soaked jeans than even think about taking the chance of any of them waking up to crab/complain/cry demand more "Farmer in the Dell" rapping during a pit stop ...

The good news is we're back from Nashville, and I'm pretty sure the boys are no worse for the wear. However, I think this trip qualifies me for either entrance into the sainthood or a nice long stay at the insane asylum ... probably the nut house because I'm pretty sure there is already a saint Hyacinth. But I could be the saint Hyacynth with a "y" if anyone asks. But please don't ask. I'm currently in a Farmer-in-the-Dell-rap-induced coma, and I'm pretty sure I cannot answer with out my words coming out to that exact chant, rhythm and beat.

More about Nashville and our adventures later.


  1. I was just starting to wonder when you'd be back!!
    Oh my... what crazy drives! Sainthood must be very nice ;)

  2. Ugh. Road trips with small children and babies is the worst torture we induce upon ourselves for the sake of a good time.

  3. I vote for your sainthood!

    Road trips with kids = Mama wants to run for the hills!

  4. OMG the "pee out of every orifice" thing made me bust out laughing. I have SO been there. Congrats for surviving.

  5. Oooo yikes. So sorry on the road trip. I don't do road trips for many of those reasons. But ummm even for the short 10 minute ones, I needed to do the finger for Little Miss. She was SOOO uncomfortable with projectile vomiting as soon as she was tilted back even just a little. Yeah, now we know it was a dairy allergy. Then, I just tried to figure out how to make my finger tastier! ;)

  6. I'm not sure which post is funnier, this one or the Spalandar (sp?) Letter of Intent. I have to admit, I enjoy being entertained at your unfortunate expense. Keep the silly stories coming!

  7. Like Foursons says: Road trips with small children and babies is torture. but you made it1


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