Saturday, November 14, 2009

Everyday Life: So a dinosaur and cat walk into a bar ...

Meet Pindo.

Pindo is the dinosaur our toddler found at a garage sale right before the baby was born this past summer; the two year old bought Pindo with Grandma Puppy's money; after the purchase, Grandma Puppy asked what he thought the dinosaur should be named.
"Pindo!" he declared proudly, taking us a bit aback in his promptness. He'd never named anything before, so we were all quite surprised at his understanding of the naming process and thoroughly entertained by this name that seemingly came from his imagination; we don't actually know anyone named Pindo, and we'd never heard that name before. Um, ever. And the kid never had watched TV, so we're left to assume it actually came from his budding imagination.

Anyway, the two year old has grown in his love for Pindo since the dinosaur joined our family. Normally, Pindo is a very sweet dinosaur who likes to play what the toddler plays and go places the toddler goes. He eats at the table with us pretty regularly and often says please or thank you during the feedings. He's fairly clean because he normally bathes in the tub with the toddler, and Pindo pretty much goes on most outings in the car. As far as dinosaurs go, I'd always thought Pindo was pretty relaxed and easy going.

Until a few nights ago.

Meet Cleo, the cat.

The two year old scored this sweet little rubber cat during Halloween festivities. Cleo the rubber cat was affectionately named after the psychotic cat that used to be mine but who now resides at Grandma and Buba's house where he maniacally switches back and forth from sweet to sinking his teeth into your arm while purring on your lap. The toddler always wants to pet the real-life Cleo, but never gets to because Cleo always scurries away from him at any advance; Cleo the real cat seems to know that if he hurt our son that he would be Cleo the dead cat. Anyway, the toddler was super stoked to get his own Cleo and didn't think much about him being rubber instead of real and furry. Cleo quickly began joining us for all the things Pindo used to do with us. And poor Pindo was left in the dust until a few nights ago when the toddler brought both Pindo and Cleo the rubber cat to bed. I verbalized that it was nice to see Pindo back since Cleo had joined us.

But Pindo must have lost his cool at being misplaced for a stinky rubber cat. Because Pindo the dinosaur ate Cleo the rubber cat.

I was pretty surprised at this change of diet because mostly Pindo only used to eat worms and pineapple, according to the toddler. But the toddler seemed to think that Pindo eating Cleo the rubber cat was fine and dandy.

Here's to hoping this little imaginative play was not symbolic of any bigger real-life pictures of, oh, say a new baby joining the family. But I'm not too worried; I don't think the two year old could fit the baby in his mouth completely.


  1. "What do dinosaurs eat?" This is a frequent question in our house. Since we're not vegetarians, we talk about meat eaters and plant eaters.

    It's cute what kids have to learn.

  2. He's a boy for sure! They all seem to manage to make all sorts of battles with their toys. You should see the mismatched battles for survival that my boys conjure up.

    I think my boys will always love dinosaurs. My daughter turns them into families. Here's mama dino, baby dino, etc. My boys aren't too thrilled with this domestication of their wild army!

  3. That's so cute and so funny. And I love that a random toy bought from a garage sale has held such a prominent place in your family including a seat at the dinner table.

  4. I haven't been able to keep up with my life lately, including your blog. But I caught up today. Thanks for my daily chcukle. I hope to be able to keep one step ahead of baby J by learning from your toddler. I think that I've already fallen behind though.

  5. Oh that is so hilarious. I love the names small children come up with. Out of curiosity, is Cleo (the real one) a calico?

    Once Pindo ate Cleo, did Cleo disappear, or has Cleo made a return appearance?


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