Sunday, November 8, 2009

Everyday Life: Toddlerisms

A few of my favorite toddlerisms from the past few days ...

The hubs and I were hugging in the dining room while the toddler was finishing his dinner.
"What you do to my mommy, daddy?" he asked.
"I'm hugging mommy."
"Why you hug my mommy, daddy? he asked.
"Because mommy and daddy love each other," my husband explained.
"Oh," the toddler said. "I hug mommy,and I hug daddy, too."
"Why do you hug mommy and daddy?" the hubs asked.
"Cause I love Youchother." he said beaming up at us.

The hubby and the toddler went upstairs to read the toddler's Bible and go to sleep. The toddler earned an extra book to be read before bed because he told us he had to pee in the potty instead of just holding it until we just took him.
The boys were in the toddler's room reading those books, and I heard laughter erupt every few minutes.
The toddler emerged from his room and asked for water. While he and the hubs were getting water, they shared with me what was so funny.
"Daddy read me book in an ascent."
I smiled, and asked, "He's reading you books with an accent?"
"Yeah," the hubs chimed in. "I used my Italian accent, my Brooklyn accent and my Scottish accent. He likes the Scottish accent the best."
"I see," I said, kind of amused.
"Tell you mum night night," the hubs said in his best Scottish voice.
"Night night, mum!" the toddler chimed in his best Scottish accent.
Apparently, I've got a Thespian on my hands. Like I didn't know that after he began dramatically reciting each book we regularly read during these past two weeks.


  1. He's a smart one for sure! He'll be Hamlet in the school play :)

    Love reading these toddlerisms! You could write a book with all this material!

  2. Oh how fun! I love the accents. Just wait until he hits Thomas and starts doing the English accent -- "'Ello, Guv'na" is a frequent guest at our house. You need to capture some of these on video!

  3. So cute. I love the Youchother. And there is nothing better than happy kids who are giggling. My favorite sound in the world!

  4. I agree with Foursons...giggling is the best! you've inspired me to start paying attention to Toddlerisms in my own house. Though our little guy is still a bit hard to decipher with his "Swenglish" -). Does "Pull monster's teeth out" count? This after watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer when the little misfit elf pulls the Abominal Snow Monster's teeth out of his mouth. I think we're in for some nightmares...

  5. I have to contend that children are so much smarter and have such sophisticated senses of humor I don't know how adults can compete with them. However, Parents are lucky enough to treasure the toddlerisms that remind us of how very special our children are. Aren't we lucky we have built in comedians along the with chocolate pudding all over their mouths.


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