Monday, November 23, 2009

Review: Baby Bond helps me be an Undercover Mother -- want a chance to be one, too?

Some babies are picky eaters.
Whereas Gabe would (and still will) scarf food anywhere, anytime and under any circumstance, little baby EJ has begun voicing his preferences; he doesn't like bottles unless he's starving -- like starving as in he would be in jeopardy of losing one of four chins or three thigh rolls if he didn't slurp some milk asap. He's also not into eating if I've had even just a trace of cow milk, yogurt, soy milk or coffee. I know some of you breastfeeding mamas out there have even pickier eaters; in fact, some of you nursing mamas even have babes who protest about their surrounding while eating. You would be the mamas who have tried nursing your nursling under a blanket or traditional nursing cover only to have your baby scream bloody murder the second he or she was covered during chow time. You would be the mamas who really wished they could nurse discreetly but have sat in the middle of a grocery store/bank/coffee shop with your goods on display while your little one happily munched away after winning the battle of the blanket.

You would be the ones Missy Reder's company Baby Bond had in mind when they launched a new nursing cover that shields mom's girls while baby nurses free of any covers. And you would be the mamas I thought of when Reder asked if I'd be interested in reviewing her nursing cover though I'd already reviewed a traditional nursing cover that sheltered both mama and baby.

Baby Bond is a cover that is slung over mama's shoulder and secured above her hip like a Miss America sash would sit on the wearer while mama is nursing baby from the top of her shirt through the shirt's neck hole; the cover has a double layer of fabric in the front that opens to cover the nipple while hugging and thus concealing both sides of the entire breast.

Baby is totally uncovered and mama is completely covered when using Baby Bond making for a perfectly happy, discreet nursing duo.

We've had successful nursing sessions each time we've used Baby Bond during the past week. I've enjoyed using the simple sash because it conceals even a well-endowed mom like me while leaving baby untouched by any covering. Baby EJ loves to hold my gaze while he is nursing as that's one of the only times he has my full, undivided attention, so he's definitely been a fan of Baby Bond because he can fully see me. And, well, as an adoring mama, I just love seeing those baby blues gazing up at me adoringly while he's nursing.

And while he's not nursing, but that's another story.

I found the cover relatively easy to use; the directions for how to position it on mama's body as a nursing sash cover for nursing from the neckline of a shirt are very understandable. You could literally take the cover out of the box and figure out how to tie it into the nursing position in about four minutes after looking at the simple picture explanation sewn onto the concealed side of the cover.

The Couture style also can be worn as a belly band sash around the waist when a mother pulls up her shirt to nurse so that the cover conceals her midriff as well as the breast (see above diagram); a mom might wear the cover this way if she's wearing a shirt where the neckline (like with the T-shirt I'm wearing below!) cannot be pulled down far enough to accomodate the breast coming through. (Seriously, I'm showing less boob while nursing than some women I've seen wearing church dresses!)

But this where I became confused inititally by the directions. However, after Reder explained via e-mail how (and now I'm saying "Duh!" to myself in my head) to wear it as a belly band type of cover, everything clicked and totally made sense. And it was amazing the kind of coverage I got while wearing it in that manner. My stomach was completely concealed and my breast was also covered! PERFECT!! Initially that was my only "complaint" about the cover; I felt like my tummy was too bare during the nursing session, but that was only because of user error on my end! Perhaps this was just a misunderstanding that would only happen on my end; others may understand it clearly the first time around from just following the directions on the sash for wearing it this way. (Some of us (I'm raising my hand sheepishly) would probably want to watch the video on the Baby Bond Web site for a simple explanation instead of just assuming she understands right off the bat!)

The other benefit to the Couture style is if I wanted to go somewhere without a diaper bag but wanted to bring the Baby Bond cover along, it would certainly be simple to tie it on as a belly bend as a means of transporting it easily in between nursing sessions. Also, noteworthy, the Baby Bond takes up very little space in a diaper bag, and I could even fit it in my purse because it rolls into a self-storing pouch.

I felt like I could nurse more discreetly while using the Baby Bond as compared to traditional nursing covers because the sash simply hugs my body and covers me instead of tenting over my body and the baby's. It seemed people didn't necessarily realize I was nursing the baby while wearing the Baby Bond cover; whereas when I use a traditional cover, everyone knows I'm nursing even nothing can be seen.

Overall, Baby Bond is a nursing necessity for a baby who loves to watch the world go by when she nurses and a mother who would rather the world not watch her nurse.

We'll certainly continue to use our Baby Bond cover because it has proven itself highly functional and fashionable. And I should also mention that I love the packaging because it looks like such a pretty gift.

Want to be an undercover breastfeeding mother, too? Know someone who nurses her baby and wants to feel comfortable in public while breastfeeding? Need a great, unique Christmas gift for a soon-to-be mama?

You can enter to win the Baby Bond nursing cover of your choice by (each completed task gives you an extra entry)...

1. Leaving a comment telling us why you or someone you know would love to be an undercover mother with the help of Baby Bond.

2. Tweeting about this giveaway.

3. Dishing in the comments about which Baby Bond you will pick if you win.

4. Becoming a follower of Baby Bond on Twitter.


As an added bonus, enter the discount code "undercover" at the Baby Bond Web site and recieve 25 percent off any cover through December 8, 2009.


  1. Oh my gosh! What a perfect nursing cover if I've ever seen one! While if my little nurser is hungry enough the nursing cover that we use won't stop her from feeding, she for sure plots her escape the whole time she is under the "tent" by pulling and lifting and uncovering herself the whole time she nurses. Yes, she is covered, but it's a constant tug of war to keep her under there! I would love to be an under cover nursing momma with the baby band!

  2. OMG! Love it, we have a nursing cover that's more like a tent, and let me tell you it's a constant battle to keep my curious little one underneath there while she nurses. We are constantly going back and forth pulling it up and down, and since she can't see when she is under there, then she is unlatching at every thrilling sound to peak out at what is going on! I would love to be an undercover nursing mamma with the baby bond!

  3. I am following Baby Bond on twitter! Love this cover up, really want it!

  4. And I posted a tweet about the contest!

  5. And so last but not least if I did win, I would pick the couture baby bond since I really like the option of wearing it as a belly band, as well as being able to nurse from the top or bottom of my shirt, where it appears the others work when nursing from the top of your shirt! And so many different colors, I LOVE the striped one! Oh my gosh, I think if I don't win I just might have to buy one! Love it.....

  6. I'm really impressed by this! I have never wanted to buy a traditional nursing cover because a) my babies don't like to be covered b) I feel it draws more attention to the fact that I'm breastfeeding than if I weren't using one and c) I don't need ANOTHER bulky addition to the diaper bag. I am, however, quite modest so this would be great to help me nurse in public even more confidently than I do now!

  7. Became a follower on Twitter! (decembercat9)

  8. If I won, I think I'd choose the original in Espresso in order to match most of my clothing, because I definitely could see myself using this all of the time. But like the other commenter, if I don't win, I'm going to seriously consider buying one of these. Pure genius!

  9. I wish I had these when I was nursing. What a great idea! The baby looks so cute in the pictures.

  10. Nursing your baby is something you must do often. Anyone having a problem with a mother nursing her baby in public is just a little ignorant and has probably never been in a position with a hungry baby who needs nutrition right away. Do not be bothered with what others think, the bonding of baby and mother by nursing trumps any reservations from what the public thinks about it.

  11. Nursing is natural .healthy, and necessary. Do not give another thought to what other peoplr are thinking. It is their problem with it, not yours.

  12. I would LOVE to use this product. Both of my boys were breast fed, but NEITHER one would nurse covered up. It was frustrating at times. It would be so awesome to have one of these for this little boy that's due in February!

  13. If I won the givaway, I'd get the grey Couture. It's such a pretty color :)

  14. Ooh, this looks really neat - I have a nursing cover, like a piece of fabric with a neck strap to go over, but I don't know if it will work with my baby, of course, as you mentioned. :)

  15. I tweeted the giveaway, too. :)

  16. Hmmm...looking around the website, I think I like the couture model. :)

  17. Oh Wow! What a wonderful idea! This type of cover would be such a blessing to a mom to many children to be able to nurse discreetly while out and about!

  18. That is so cool. Again, why did I not know about any of this stuff when I had infants? *sigh* Fortunately, neither of the wee ones was picky -- until it came to using a bottle. Little Miss REFUSED to do anything but nurse, which was an issue.

    Anyway, I'd love this for a friend of mine who just had her very first baby last week! I was hoping it was going to be on my birthday, but her water didn't break (sadly) until the day after. Way cool!

  19. And I'd would pick the Barcelona couture cover. Love it!

  20. (PS your link to the website is off -- it has an extra "" link in it)

  21. This is a totally cool product! I would love to have one for feeding baby #2 when he or she arrives in May. I just threw blankets over Sully, but it never seemed to stay. I love the ease and no-fuss the Baby Bond would provide. What a great way to be undercover!

  22. And if I win, I think I would have to pick the original in black. It's not as pretty as the couture ones, but I like that there is no tying to mess with since I'm lazy!


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