Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving: Turkeys

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There used to only be six different species of turkeys in North America: Gould, Merriam, Eastern, Rio Grande, Osceola and Mexican.

That is there were six until mine were discovered.

I call this variety the Stinker Turkey. Here he is in his element, smiling happily for a surprise picture captured by a quick-thinking wild life specialist/photographer who sneaked up on him during one of his frolicking times.

Normally, this species of turkey, though very outgoing, despises the camera; so more often than not, they are best viewed in their natural habitat because planned photos often turn out like this:

His kind is loud, boisterous and joyful as well as demanding. Though he likes to be with the flock, he generally seems like the uncooperative one in photographs because of his intense disdain for looking at the camera and smiling.

This type of turkey was affectionately nicknamed the Toddler Turkey by those who seek to care for him in the wild.

I call this one here the ButterBall Turkey. The ButterBall Turkey is generally quite amiable and smiley.

He enjoys bright colors, excited coos and is normally quite happy to snuggle up in the nest with the older turkeys.

This turkey species has more rolls than a Thanksgiving dinner.

Because of his happy demeanor, he doesn't ever find himself in hot water; rather he usually finds himself the center of many pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving from my little turkeys.


  1. Those are the two cutest, yummiest turkeys I've ever seen!

  2. You write the most clever posts! I think you have the most adorable turkeys!!

  3. Oh delish! The turkey with all the rolls is definitely looking like the tastiest turkey because of well, all the rolls! Awesome post. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

  4. Toddler turkeys are fast moving. It's amazing you were able to capture so many photos.

  5. That is so cute. :) Thanks for the comment on my blog! :)


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