Monday, December 14, 2009

Adventures of a business-owning mama: The great sticker peel off

My heart broke today as I experienced what so many moms and dads who have to leave their little ones to go to a job daily experience:
Today was the first time I had to peel my two year old off of my body. It was like he was a little sticker clinging to my pants ... except stickers don't bellow, "No go mommy. I go with you! I want you, mommy. I go with you to work out with the ladies!"
His little quivering chin, sad eyes and emphatically passionate small child voice really got the best of me I grited my teeth to hold back the tears.
I wanted to scoop my little guy up, snuggle him on the couch and giggle with him all morning long instead of going to the business. But duty called.
And as I walked out the door to log in some hours that I technically don't have to work, I felt a swirling sensation of emotions.
My heart reeled for the parents who must detach crying children from their legs everyday because they must go to work. My heart ached for children who so passionately wear their little hearts on their sleeves and long for more mommy or daddy time. My heart surged with thankfulness, too, that I was leaving my boys with a woman who really enjoys them and honestly loves being with them one day every week.
And my heart rejoiced because tomorrow morning, I have the pleasure of waking up, scooping up my boys, snuggling on them on the couch and giggling all morning long.


  1. I have experienced the "sticker peel", and it absolutely breaks my heart. mondays are the hardest, for both of us. fortunatey vince loves school, and at the end of the day when I pick him up, there's always a huge smile and big hug waiting for me :)

  2. How many times have I gone through this? Too many to count. how many times have I turned my back on my child's tear-stained face to walk away, tears staining my own face? Oh the heartache of the working Mommmy. Yay for you that you have managed to find a good balance. One thing is for certain...It WILL get better. xoxo

  3. Nolan was an expert at clinging and making me feel like dirt- just to go to the grocery store!

  4. This is one part of parenthood that I am not looking forward too. I know that there is coming a day when I'll have to leave my baby girl crying for me -- and that breaks my heart.

  5. The guilt is the worst part of this unfortunate fact of life. Every working parent can relate to this heartbreak. The good news is that the time you have with your children can be spent bonding with them and become the most special part of life for both parent and child.

  6. It is a moment that truly breaks a mama's heart. Enjoy your snuggles.


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