Monday, December 28, 2009

Best of 2009: Number 5

In celebration of 2009, I'm republishing some of my favorite posts during the final week of what has been wonderful year. I hope you enjoy reading or rereading some favorites.
If you have a favorite post, please share which one has stuck with you in the comments, and maybe it will reappear in the top posts this week.

An "Ear-y" Fascination
Originally posted April 7, 2009
I cannot pinpoint exactly when it started or why, but it is becoming more evident on a daily basis: Gabe has a fixation with ears.
For some reason, he feels the need to grab my ear and rub them at various times during the day. I'm pouring chocolate milk, and he's got a grip on my ears. I'm snuggling him to sleep, and he's massaging my earlobes. I'm putting on his coat, and he's maneuvering his hands toward my ears. Whatever we're doing, he's somehow now always touching my ears. And when both my and John's ears are in reach, he equally loves one of each of our ears with both of his hands.
It's not particularly bothersome, and it's not like he's developed a fascination with stroking, um, more private parts of my body, so it's also not inappropriate.
It's just interesting ... curious ... unusual ... strange ... and, OK, I'll say it -- it's downright odd. What is he thinking? It's not like I'm wearing huge blingy studs in my lobes, and rubbing ears, in my very-limited experience, has never brought any luck or anything. So what's the deal, toddler? What's with the ear rubbing?
My mom noticed this new fascination with ear massaging, too, and she recalled that my cousin's son -- also around Gabe's age -- has had this desire to rub ears for a very long time. She said my cousin jokes that he has an ear fetish. Fetish? Hmmm. That's a scarier word. And it sounds more serious than a fascination.
So is this, like, genetically ingrained? Am I going to have enlist John to warm our son before he goes on dates that it's too forward to just begin massaging the ear of the young lady with whom he's out? Am I going to find posters of giant ears taped to his wall? Will his future wife have to buy ear muffs as part of her lingerie collection?
John thinks it's something he does when he wants to calm himself, and he has assured me that the word fetish does not necessarily go hand-in-hand with professional counseling. I think I agree; I was just venting some random, wildly outrageous, pregnancy-hormone-induced concerns in regard to this ear thing actually being a fetish. I think about these kinds of things; you know -- the stuff that has the probability of happening of, like, one out of a million ... or billion.
OK, but seriously, am I alone? Doesn't anyone else have a toddler who does this kind of thing? Maybe it's not an ear fascination, but perhaps something else?



  1. i have a confession. i was an ear rubber as a child. i would suck my thumb and then rub on anyone's ears with the other hand. i would rub until the ear lobe got warm and then i would run on the upper part of the ear until it too got warm. i still remember doing this and loving it. wierd, i know. i don't rub on my ear now but i do rub on my earrings.

  2. So does he still do this, or is he no longer an ear rubber? As all my therapists have told me: it's not a problem unless it starts to interfere with their daily lives. I think you're fine. I can't stand to have my face touched, so neither of the wee ones ever started that :)

  3. I couldn't help but smile as I read this post :) A fascination with ear lobes as he gets older may be much better than a fascination with "other" parts of the female anatomy! Does he still do it?

  4. Yes, he still rubs ears! Now he even rubs the baby's ears. lol.

  5. My son does exactly the same thing!! He is 17 months old now and has been doing this for as long as i can remember. Sometimes I think it is cute and sometimes, i admit, it is a little annoying. But it does remind me when to cut his fingernails..haha. I'm wondering when he will outgrow it.


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