Friday, December 4, 2009

Everyday Life: The Anatomy of a Picture

"Hey, boys, look at mommy!"

"Oh, honey, look at mommy AND smile!!"
"That wasn't exactly a smile, sweetheart. Could you give mommy a real smile?"
"A little bit more real, honey?"
"Oh, that was perfect, but, EJ, look at mommy!"

And it only took 26 minutes, almost an entire SD card, 12 cookie bribes and me squawking like a parrot to get it.

And that, my friends, is the dance of the mommy Christmas card photographer extraordinaire.


  1. Hahaha- I think all of us moms with more than one kid (or with just one even) have gone through this! I absolutely love the grin on the baby in the last photo. What a ham!

  2. That's really funny story. The boys are cute!

  3. just one of the many things we never thought we would do. so much work for one picture. lol

  4. They are cute models! Glad that you didn't have to bribe them too much :)


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