Sunday, January 3, 2010

Everyday Life: If only it worked this way

Top five things I wish I could have left in 2009:

5. The four grays hairs I found mingling among all of the millions of brown ones ... thanks deciding to go against the crowd, guys, really.
4. Two bulging disks in my back ... those disks apparently didn't get the memo stating that I'm only 20-something and shouldn't be walking around hunched over like an 80-year-old woman.
3. The two year old's training pants
2. Overbooked schedules
1. The remaining eight pounds of baby weight that's just hanging out on my hips and making it impossible to slid those pre-baby jeans around my waist.

What do you wish you could have left in the last decade?


  1. 1. The 35 pounds that I gained in 10 years... But 2 babies, college, and working at One World was bound to do it. I'm working on it though ;)

    2. My fear of failing

    3. This house that much better fits 2 single guys than a family of 4 and a kitty.

    I think I am doing great to only have 3 off the top of my head. It could be a lot worse for us.

  2. The extra weight and the messy house!

  3. Too long of a list to post in the comments. I guess I need to make my list more realistic. :)

  4. A few extra pounds, and the whining that never ends around here (all of us are guilty of it!)

  5. My procrastination habit? The pounds I gained back in the last year. Stress. My boss. The mess in my office. Oh wait... basically all my resolutions ;)


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