Sunday, December 13, 2009

Everyday Life: Why, oh, why, why?

I've been whyed to death today by a two year old who just learned what the word why means.
Before today, he had no idea what the word why meant.
Me: "Gabe, why did you pee on the floor?"
Gabe: "Yeah."
Me: "Yes, I know you peed on the floor, but WHY did you pee on the floor?"
Gabe: "Yeah."
Me: "Honey, look at me in the eyes. WHY did you pee on the floor? Why?"
Gabe: "Yeah."

Gah!! But anyway that blissful ignorance has faded quickly as we found out during the drive home from my mom's house.

"Mommy, why, why, why my movie not play?" he asked.
Astonished, I looked at the hubby and raised my eyebrows.
"Well, because it looks like the battery ran out."
"Why, why the battery ran out?"
"I think the dog must have stepped on the power cord and unplugged it." I said.
"Why the dog step on the cord?" he asked.
"Um, because he wanted to sit in the front seat while we were inside the restarant." I said.
"Why the dog want to sit in front seat?" he questioned.
Oh, goodness. My hubby interjected.
"Why don't you ask the dog why he wanted to sit in the front seat."

Silence. And finally ...
"Chase, why you want to sit in front seat?" Gabe asked.

"Chase! WHY you want to sit in front seat and step on power chord. My movie no work!"

"Chase, look at me in my eyes. WHY you want to sit in front seat?! My movie no work! Why?!WHY!?" he passionately demanded.

At this point, the husband and I are cracking up for obvious reasons and proceeded to explain why the dog wanted to sit in the front and why the dog would not answer him. Needless to say, though, we spent the rest of the drive answering questions about why there was no movie, why it was dark at night and why God made it winter.

And don't think he's going to let me get away with cop out answers like "because God made it that way." Tonight after I said that about the winter question, he declared "no tell me that, mommy. Tell me WHY!"


  1. Oh such fun. I must admit, I have already used, "because I said so" plenty of times.

  2. Too funny! We have yet to get to the "why" stage, but I fear it's right around the corner ;)

  3. Oh I remember those days very well! I laughed so hard when you wrote about him telling the dog to look him in the eye. Don't for one second think he didn't know what you were asking back when you couldn't get him to tell you why. LOL!!!

    Those are precious moments!

  4. LOL! We are not at that stage yet either but I have a feeling I'll be in much the same predicament as you very soon.

  5. Right, got it. Do NOT ever use the concept of why with my child, keep her ignorant of it. lmao
    Can't wait for my turn....

  6. See, this is just like when the kids start walking - you want them to get it and walk until they do and you realize what a disaster it is ;)

    I'm with you on the children who don't accept a first answer of why. Get ready to have conversations about what slavery existed and how it happened because the why's lead to that level....

  7. That stage can be so infuriating and fun at the same time. Enjoy!

  8. The "whys" can drive you crazy. I also hear a lot of "yeahs" all day from my kids :)

  9. I tagged you for a Christmas meme today. Hope all is well :)


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