Friday, December 11, 2009

Letters of Intent: Craftiness

Letters of Intent

Dear beloved husband,

Everyone knows I think I hit the husband jackpot in the whole lottery of marriage. You're a great dad and husband. You're ever so attentive to our boys, and you treat me oh, so well. So don't take this the wrong way ... but the next time you forget to put the lid back on the craft box and place said craft box back on the highest shelf in the closet, you will find yourself broke. Because by the time you arrive home from work, I will be well on my way to some spa in a far away island using all of your hard-earned money in an attempt to not go completely and utterly insane.

Why would I go insane, you ask? Well, do you know what happens when you leave the craft box open on the craft table, which is with in the two year old's reach? Well, do you? He DECORATES.

And he doesn't just decorate the paper. No, no, no, dear hubby. He decorates EVERYTHING.

Including his face.

And his baby brother.

And the crafts table.

And a few places on the wall.

Plus a shoe.

Yup. A shoe.

And when I asked our son what on God's green Earth he was doing. He said, "Look mommy I decorate me, and I decorate my baby."

All I have to say is thank God for Magic Erasers, hydrogen peroxide and good old water. Or maybe I should say you should be thanking God I had all of those cleaning wonders.


Your adoring wife

P.S. Thanks for playing with the boys instead of plopping them in front of the TV. That's pretty marvelous, and I give you major props for that. But seriously, put that box away next time!!

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  1. Oh my gosh...I can totally relate to this! I'm glad you snapped a photo before you cleaned him up. And how cute is that, "I decorate me and I decorate baby!" That is just precious!

    Thanks for linking up, your letter totally made me smile.

  2. How awesome is this?! Or not...And cheers to you for having such a great hubby and father.

  3. Yes, thank God for Magic Erasers!!!!!! :)
    You have me cracking up, lady! And I'm sure the toddler was so proud of himself, but my goodness how quickly a mess can be made...

  4. Ohhhhhh that sounds painful. My husband does similar things with ummm not quite putting things away that need to go away. But at least your Magic Eraser and other magic toys worked!

  5. You do have one great hubby! You have some creative energy going on in your house!


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