Saturday, December 5, 2009

Words of Wisdom: What good is it if you keep it all to yourself anyway?

Sometimes God sends the right people at the right time to tell me the right things -- the things I need to hear.
Today he sent Colleen, a lady from my Bible study, who snapped some beautiful pictures of the boys and me a few weeks ago. She called to talk about the prints, but we ended up talking about more than picture prints; we ended up talking about the prints we leave on people's lives -- everyone from our children to people we see in the store and may never see again.
She said one thing imparticular that really struck me as we were talking about my bad habit of questioning whether or not I'm a good mom. Colleen encouraged me and said she thought I was a really great mom from all of the instances she's seen me interact with my kiddos. I admitted that there are some days I really need to hear that. Don't we all? And she said, yeah, actually, we all do. She then shared that years ago she decided to make it a point to actually say all of the positive things about people that she had previously only thought in her head.
What good is it if you keep all of those nice things to yourself, she wondered aloud during our conversation.
So for the past 20 years, if she's liked someone's sweater, she's said told them. And if she has seen a young mother in a store who is doing a fabulous job with her kids, she tells that mom she is doing a wonderful job.
Because really, what good is it to keep it all to yourself anyway?
So if you've got something nice to say, say it, and say it all! That's how we really leave long-lasting prints on other people's lives.


  1. Oh amen! I don't do it often enough, but I do try to take the time to give the little compliments that (I hope) make someone's day that people don't do nearly often enough. I actually got an email on this topic today -- which made me cry, of course -- but you're so on target! Nice reminder.

  2. Our words and actions can make a difference. How we connect with another human being can shape an encounter, an experience.

    Wonderfully written post. Thanks!


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