Saturday, January 16, 2010

Adventures of a business-owning mama: Stay-at-home-sorta dad

I left my hubby with the kids today while I went to work at our Curves. Our club was kicking off a Biggest Loser-esque program with one of our local schools, and as the personal trainer for the eight week session, I had to be there.

Even though the kids had the sniffles, the baby is teething/cranky and my hubby has a full-blown cold, I still had to leave them together at home while I went to tend to business. It was like I was a real working mom. And it was like my husband was a real-stay-at-home dad. Sorta.

I say sorta because I only was gone for about four hours, whereas hubby is gone while he's at his day job for around 9 or so.

And I say sorta because when I'm at home with the kids when I don't feel well I still make myself run the household and do things like make lunch. (Perhaps, I should learn a little lesson from him?)

Details, details.

After I arrived home, my poor, sick hubby promptly handed me the baby and gave me toddler and lunch duty.

I think he really got a taste of what it's like to do my job today because I found this:

Though he's always been very thankful and understanding of the tough job we stay-at-home moms do (because he really rocks like that), I forsee after today's experience that there will be many more massages and kid-free, date nights in my near future.


  1. run john run, get outta there before its too late! j/k

    glad to know he's doing his daddy part, giving you a break & raising those kids right. i know a few couples where the dad's only role is to make that dollar. ;)

  2. Sometimes it's the best thing to "walk a mile in" your spouses shoes :)

  3. an afternoon with the kids can be sobering. i often get the same reaction when parents volunteer for a day at my preschool. lol, the perks afterward are priceless!

  4. I am grateful for so many things. Two cranky toddlers at the top:

    Work from home India

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