Monday, January 18, 2010

The Bigger Picture: Taking a step back

I only have to turn on the news, computer or radio to be reminded that ...
a teething baby
a needy business
a cold-ridden weekend
an under-the-weather husband
overcast, gray skies
and a cranky, disobedient toddler are, indeed, not the end of the world.
Or even close to the end of the world.
In fact, I don't even know what close to the end of the world looks like because I still have
a teething baby
a needy business
a weekend, albeit draining
a husband
smidges of sunlight that peak through overcast, gray skies
and a cranky but loving toddler.

And not everyone can say that. I suppose my attitude toward the inconvenient makes all the difference. And today I'm choosing to be thankful, grateful.
How about you? For what are you grateful today?

On a totally related note, World Vision is another amazing organization working on relief and recovery with the Haitian people. World Vision is a child-focused organization that has been serving children and family in Haiti for years. Like so many worth organizations, World Vision staff are already on the ground serving in Haiti and could use donated funds right now to aid in relief.


  1. How I do love the little things!
    A cranky preschooler
    A teething baby
    A loving husband
    A day above freezing

    Dear Friends! I am grateful for you Hy!

  2. That was lovely Hyacynth...
    I'm also so thankful for my snotty nosed little girl, my tantrum throwing little boy, and my most of the time thoughtful husband :)

  3. So much to be grateful for. Today I have two of my four kids home sick. Nothing bad. They are just cranky, but I'm grateful that they are alive and with me.

  4. I am grateful for so many things. Two cranky toddlers at the top:)

  5. Yep, exactly, those things mean we're here, we're alive, we're together.


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