Thursday, January 21, 2010

Everyday Life: And I missed it

I groaned to my husband dozens of reasons why I didn't want to start taking shifts at our business after the baby was born. Topping the list was the very real possibility that I'd miss some of the baby's milestone moments while I was working. Nonetheless, I've started taking on shifts, and I've been praying that I don't miss any firsts.

But it happened today.

And, ironically enough, it was not while I was working. It happened while we were getting ready for the day early this morning and my two year old began playing his "guitar" (points if you can identify household object his guitar really is). I dashed for the camera because not only was he playing his guitar, but he also was sporting my pajamas from when I was a little one. It was a grandma-worthy scene, and I was determined to capture it.

I put the baby on his belly on the floor -- much like this.

And when I came back, I found this.

I missed it. And I was at home living life with my boys. I put so much thought and worry into not missing any of his firsts while I was at work. And now, I think, well, that was a waste of energy. So lesson learned. Try to stop worrying about things that I have no control over. For the 507th time. This month.


  1. I was sitting in the same room as Jensen, looked away and said something to my mother and the bugger had rolled over.

  2. *hug*

    Children are so annoying like that lol!

    He is utterly gorgeous though. At least you won't miss that!

  3. It's always the way... I can't tell you how many times I've stepped out of a room to hear hubs say "come back! She just....." :)

  4. I've missed things too. Kids will always sneak those milestones in when you're not looking :) The boys look so adorable in the pictures.

    God bless your family.

  5. Oh girl, I feel your pain! Hopefully timing will be perfect the next time around. (And is the guitar a remote?)

  6. Yeah... unfortunately you'll always miss it no matter what. I hope you are enjoying what you're doing hough.

    And that guitar? It's totally a flipper!

  7. Hi.
    I'm sooooo far behind and I appologize. Love the before and after of Ethan! Sorry you missed it! Maybe I can catch one when we're there on Wednesday.

    Love, Judy


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