Sunday, January 31, 2010

Everyday Life: The birth(day) of a mother

A mother knows exactly how to celebrate the birth of her baby ...

no matter if it's her baby's first birthday

or her 27th.

Because birthdays are not just the celebration of the one who was born. Birthdays are the celebration of a woman becoming a mother.
So, perhaps, it's actually the mother who should really be celebrated. But because she is a mother and a mother's heart beats for her child, she'd never allow it.
Oh, selfless love, how I've learned so much about you from my mother

and from becoming a mother.


  1. Happy Birthday Hyacynth :)
    This was breathtaking. Love the old pictures! You and your mother are beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday Hyacynth! I had never thought about that before, in any real sense, A Child's Birthday is Also the Celebration of a Woman Becoming a Mother to That Child. I am sooooooo asking for a present on the little guy's 4th birthday! Seriously though, love the photos of you and your Mommy! And that cake looks YUMMY.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! Don't you look so cute in those pictures :) The cake looks good too!

  4. Oh, this is beautiful. I hope you had a great birthday.


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