Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Everyday Life: Four months

I snap pictures in my head
of the way your little
chubby fingers grasp my
shirt as we nurse ourselves
to sleep because I know
you won't always hold
on to me so tightly.

I memorize the way
your cornflower eyes smile
as your mouth opens into
a wide, gummy grin
when I softly sing
about spiders
and spouts
and sun
because I know
someday soon
you'll trade in those lyrics
for ones
about love
and life
and longing

I breathe in the sweet
scent of milk and baby skin
while you're sleeping snuggled
in my arms
because soon enough
your arms will be the ones
wrapped around me in a quick embrace
at the end of a too-short
visit from school.

I linger in your little laughs,
press my lips against
lusciously soft hair,
and sweep my fingers over the
smooth skin of your chubby cheeks
willing my heart and memory to sync
so I can remember
what it's like
to hold my sweet baby
when the day comes for you to hold yours.

I cannot believe my baby turns four months tomorrow. My mommy heart is ultra full tonight at the thought of him growing up so quickly.


  1. Beautiful words and beautiful pictures. You've got a keeper there!

  2. So sweet...
    That photo of you two is adorable - frame worthy!

  3. Cannot wait to meet the two of you! (He's coming, right?)

  4. Oh those are some gorgeous photos (I see you're getting good use from your camera!) and lovely lovely words. He's adorable. :)

  5. They grow up too fast! Beautifully captured!


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