Friday, January 15, 2010

Everyday Life: Sugar

The two year old has a love affair with anything sweet. Donuts, cookies, cake, muffins -- he loves it all. He loves it so much that he inquires about these types of treats at nearly every meal (while eating his raw carrots or cucumbers because he loves his veggies, too, thankfully).
So lately I've been trying to explain about how we eat sweets sometimes. As in not every day, dear preschooler of mine.
"Why?" he asked me a few weeks ago.
"Because sweets have sugar in them. And we only need to eat a little bit of sugar because it's not really that good for us," I had explained.
"Why it no good for us?" he'd asked.
And thus the never-ending conversation about eating treats in moderation began and has continued for the past 12 or so days.
Every day we've talked about the same thing when he asks for a treat. Over. And over. And over. So you can only imagine my excitement while when we were watching PBS one of his beloved shows came on and the characters talked about eating treats in moderation!
Oh joy, I'd thought! He repeats everything he hears on TV. And I mean everything. I dreamed perhaps that after he digested the show's message about sugar not being good for our bodies that he would quite asking me why on God's green Earth he couldn't eat donuts or muffins with every meal.
As the show progressed I made sure we talked about how the characters were feeling badly after they ate too many treats and about how we cannot eat much sugar either.
It was oh-so-lovely! The rest of the day, the two year old explained to me numerous times about why the kids of the show got sick and how sugar isn't good for us even though it tastes good. My heart soared.
Oh, PBS, I thought, you just host another telethon, and I'll send you lots of money. Lots and lots of money. Because your programs, PBS, are fabulous. And I owe you big time if I never have to explain about treats again.
I was so excited I asked the two year old to tell his daddy about what we had learned that day when hubby got home from work.
He looked at us and smiled.
"I learned about treats!" he said.
"Oh?" hubby asked. "What did you learn?"
"I learned about sugar!"
"Yes," I prompted, "tell daddy what you learned about sugar."
He grinned a huge smile and said,
"Sugar make me happy!!"
Your check is so not in the mail, PBS.


  1. Hahahaha! I'm sure the information is still in there, it just got lost in translation.

    And by the way- we eat sweets at my house EVERY day. I know...bad, bad, bad.

  2. Foursons, we're the same over here. Swedes actually have a day of the week dedicated to candy, "Goodis Lördag"/Candy Saturdays. On these days you can see big and small kids alike lined up in front of the loose candy bins in all the supermarkets, filling their bags with goodies. At our house, there's no shortage of chocolate pudding, cookies and other sweet stuff. But I've been much better at candy regulation, meaning I digest the lion's share.

  3. My mantra: "We only eat a little sugar."

    He can repeat it back to me now. But like me, it's hard for him to follow.

  4. I've been much better at candy regulation, meaning I digest the lion's share.

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  5. We went through that, what helped was we made a food pyramid together so he could see what he was supposed to eat. I think I need to do this again as his 2.5 yr old sister things she should get chocolate after every completed meal!


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