Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Bigger Picture: Digging out

Sometimes I feel like the little guy who keeps trying to dig out of a snowstorm with a bucket.

Sometimes I feel underequipped, overwhelmed and oh, so small. Sometimes I feel like I'll never make a dent in my path. I look and look and look for results. And just when I think I've made some progress, I see the snow fill back in the path I worked so hard to dig.

Sometimes I think I'm failing because I cannot see the results.

But then I hear a soft whisper from a big God telling me that He's not so concerned with the results. My job is simply to obey. My job is simply to use the tools He's given me instead of relying on my little bucket. Because He's given me a shovel and a snowblower; I just need to pull them out of the garage. And if He really wants to get me out quickly, He'll send the snow plow.

It's not really about the snowstorm as much as it is about the way I dig out.


  1. Wonderful metaphor. I am so guilty of focusing on my "little bucket" digging out instead using the "tools" I have been given. Great post!

  2. I love how introspective you are.

  3. Love this metaphor... so much of how I've been feeling too :)
    And of course, love the picture!

  4. I love the metaphors you come up with and use - and the perfect pictures to illustrate them. So true - have I said that lately?


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