Sunday, February 21, 2010

Everyday Life: Basic instructions

Add these to the list of things I never thought I'd say ....

Baby EJ was taking a bath this evening. Our 2.5 year old scrambled up the stairs to get into the tub, too, when he heard the water running. EJ was happily splashing and trying to grasp all of the toys -- the ducks, the crabs, the sharks -- in the water and promptly shove each into his mouth at the same time. The older one quickly flung his clothes aside and hopped in the bathtub and all but ripped the crabs out of the baby's hand.

"Gabe!" I exclaimed, "that's not nice. You need to share your crabs with your brother, or he'll be sad."

Insert uproarious laughter from my husband, who really is a 12-year-old boy trapped inside the body of a 27 year old.

Eye roll.
As we were getting ready for Gabe to go play in the snow, we talked as I helped him layer his clothes.

"Honey, what are the rules when we play outside?" I asked.

"Stay right there or there or there," he said as he pointed at various places in our backyard just out the sliding doors. "Where you see me."

"And?" I prompted

"Don't eat yellow snow."

"Or?" I urged.

"Or brown snow," he said solemly.

Good job, buddy.


  1. The most important lessons in life :)

  2. hahaha... great stuff :)

    Vince has a whole basket that he keeps all of his sport balls and other small plastic goodies in. He loves to tote them around the house, and they can entertain him for hours. "Vince, where are your balls? Go play with your balls while mommy finishes dinner."

    Cue laughter...

  3. Oh man. I can identify with all of this! Of course, my conversations revolve around what we do not put into our vagina. Like french fries and chocolate chips.

    p.s. I'm Dallas Ann, Kate's friend who's daughter is on the waiting list at Children's Memorial. :-)

  4. Haha- My husband would have cracked up at the crab one too. Men- underneath it all, they're all the same.

    And so glad he knows the rules about the brown snow!

  5. LOL! So cute! Trying to keep our little guy focused and walking with me to the bus stop, I decided to teach him all about the yellow snow rule. It sooo worked against me as we had to stop and admire every bit of dog piss on our way and loudly exclaim, "Don't eat yellow snow".


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