Monday, February 1, 2010

Everyday Life: The definition of love

My two and a half year old and I somehow became engaged in a really serious conversation a few days ago in the car.

Him: "Where we going, mommy?"
Me: "We're visiting Grandma Puppy."
Him: "Why?"
Me: "So we can celebrate mommy's birthday."
Him: "YOU have a birthday!?"
Me: "I sure do; it's this weekend."
Him: "Will we have ice cream?"
Me: "Yes."
Him: Will we have presents?"
Me: "Probably."
Him: "Will Puppy have cake for you?"
Me: "She probably will."
Him: "Will it have chocolate dripping on it?"
Me: "Nope, mommy doesn't really like chocolate. It will probably have strawberries."
Him: "I looooove strawberries."
Him: "Will you share your strawberries cake for your birthday with me, mommy?"
Me: "Of course!"
Him, laughing excitedly, his voice filled with relief: "Of course, you will because you always share your strawberries cake for your birthday when you love me!"

Yes, precisely, dear. Love = sharing strawberries birthday cake. When you are two ... or 27.


  1. First of all....
    You don't like chocolate????
    Second... that was super sweet.

  2. Yes, what is wrong with you? Chocolate is very close to the sweet manna that is spoken of in the bible. I'm sure of it.

    Happy Birthday- strawberries birthday cakes sounds perfect to share with that sweet 2 year old.

  3. Love that definition of "love" :) These sweet posts of yours are always so nice to read.

  4. Absolutely - that's exactly what love is about ;)

    And a belated Happy Birthday to you! (I'm with you on the no chocolate cake. Little Miss had chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting for her half birthday tonight and I had none. AND WHOAH deja vu. Please tell me we had a similar post and comment last year at about this time!)

  5. Bahahahahaha! I have a feeling most women in the world lurve them some chocolate. Personally, I would rather the following a) a white cake (the strawberries sound nice) b) an ice cream cake c) a cake made completely out of chips or anything else with a high sodium content. Though the little man absolutely LOVES chocolate. Not sure where he gets it from. Likely his Nanny. Love the post!


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