Thursday, February 11, 2010

Everyday Life: It's no surprise

If you have a Buba, some things should come as no surprise.

It's no surprise that you have that Buba wrapped around your pinky finger. And it's also no surprise that he absolutely adores you. If you have a Buba, it shouldn't be shocking that he just loves making your day.

For example, if your mom goes to a mid-day meeting and you get to hang out with Buba, it's to be expected that lunch will be eaten. At Culvers. And it's more than likely a given then you will get whatever you want to eat. Even if it is a "hambabuger, french fries and bluberry milkanshake."

You'll probably also get to go to on some sort of field trip to romp around a farm and climb onto and drive tractors like you've done before during a trip to hunt turkeys.

But what you don't expect is that maybe you'll get to take a ride up to Wisconsin. And that Buba will take you to a music store to play with the instruments you always talk about and imagine you're playing. Especially the guitars.

And what you don't expect is that maybe you won't ever have to play the guitar on the TV remote again.

Because while mommy is at the meeting and you're out gallivanting all over the countryside with your Buba, he's decided to buy you a real, preschooler-sized guitar.

And if you have a Buba, that shouldn't really come as a surprise.


  1. oh... that is a-freakin-dorable!!! what an awesome thing a Buba must be :-)

  2. That is absolutely the cutest thing! A new musician in the world!

  3. How sweet! My parents love to spoil my little ones too...and I wouldn't be surprised if she gets a keyboard someday because she LOVES playing pianos everywhere we go! So, when do we get to see a video of your budding musician?

  4. Oh.My.Heavens. This post makes me jubilantly happy and wretchedly sad. Happy because your son has such a wonderful relationship with his Bubba. Sad because my son should really be seeing his more often than twice/year. God love Bubba!

  5. Hmmm... this sounds like my dad with the wee ones :) I only wish I'd had that same relationship with my grandfathers. How cool for him!


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