Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Everyday Life: Now, where is that wedding cake?

The invitation was extended to our entire family. So sweet, I'd thought. We'll spend Valentine's Day together as a family at our friends' wedding.

I'm not sure what we were thinking.

Well, that's not totally true. We did think ahead a bit. My hubby, unbeknown to me, told our dear two and a half year old a little about weddings before we headed to watch the happy couple exchange their vows.

Oh, husband, dear husband. You know how much our child loves sugar despite all our best efforts. You know that he scavenges the pantry for anything that might have just "a widdle bid of sugar" in it. So, sweetheart, why, oh, why did you tell him there would be wedding cake?

As we entered the ceremony room my little man and I discussed proper wedding etiquette. We talked about how this was our friends' special day. We talked about being polite and not talking during the ceremony. We talked about whispering. And we talked about the wedding cake.

"I don't know where it is," I told him as the music started. "Now we have to be quiet."

He totally understood the wedding rules: Be quiet or you won't get any cake at all.

"OK," he whispered loudly.

He then proceeded to get on the floor and duck under our chairs. He peered through the rows of people before he decided to try and army crawl across the ground toward where the bride was entering. I wrangled his wiggly toddler body, but the little bugger was insistent on straining his head in every direction to try and see what was going on. Apparently, I'd forgotten to go over the part about having to stay seated.

The minister began speaking and the couple gazed lovingly at each other. My wiggle monster, frustrated, escaped my arms and scooted to the end of the row, peering his head out into the aisle. As the minister asked for the groom's family's blessing, my two year old, in the loudest whisper I've EVER heard looked at the groom and said "Now, where IS that wedding cake?"

Like a robin who had spied a little worm inching along the ground, this mama bird swooped to the end of the aisle, scooped her little chirper up into her arms and swept him out the door so he could hunt for the wedding cake without interrupting the ceremony again.

Gotta give the kid credit, though, for persistence.

Because he somehow found it.

And when he finally got to sink his teeth into it, he thoroughly enjoyed it all while declaring, "Ohhhhh, I yiiiike weddings! When we do this again?"

Um, maybe when you're 30, kiddo. Maybe.


  1. Your son and my husband would get along swimmingly! I think Lucas was more excited about the cake than anything else when it came to wedding planning ;)

  2. Love it! I'm disappointed I didn't notice all the shenanigans at the ceremony.

  3. John, we sat in the back for a reason, you know!! Glad you weren't distracted by our little cake thief ... sorry we had to leave mid ceremony.

  4. His wife will be very happy as she won't have to drag him to weddings.

    Jensen has spent several weddings in the nursery (usually with me).

    this is a particularly funny story!

  5. Hhahaha- 2 year olds and weddings can be disastrous. But it sounds like your little guy did great!

  6. The cake is always the best!


  7. a kid after my own heart. i dream of eating the wedding cake as soon as i receive the invitation.


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