Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Everyday Life: Pure gold

I'm lucky I can swallow my own spit right now.
Seriously, I have the kind of sore throat I haven't had since I was plagued with both mono and strep throat in sixth grade.
The hubs and I hauled our aching bodies and two cranky kids to our family doctor today because I just had this feeling I had strep throat.
And I was right. My test didn't even take 60 seconds before it showed a positive. The hubs and my poor little toddler also tested positive for strep. But you know who didn't? My cuddly five month old. Wait. I should say my exclusively breastfed, cuddly five month old.
That's right, though he sleeps with me breathing on him all night long and gnaws on my fingers during the day and mouths everything his brother touches, he has yet to catch the strep from any of us.
Those little breastfeeding antibodies sure are amazing. I just marvel at the awesome way God made our bodies ... how He planned for our little babies to be nourished and protected by their mama's milk.
It's these little (but simulataneously extraordinarily huge) things that assure me I serve a God who is much greater, much bigger than I can even wrap my mind around.
I'm thanking Him tonight, though I'm sicker than sick, for His brillant design. And for medicine -- the kind found in a mother's milk and the kind discovered by the hands of a person He created.


  1. strep throat is the worse. thank goodness for breast milk and antibiotics. feel better soon.

  2. Yikes- strep throat is the worst! Hope you all are on the mend soon:)

  3. Praise be to God!!
    I'm happy to hear you'll be feeling better soon.

  4. Oh man. I hope you all feel better asap!

    And breastmilk is amazing. My nursing 2 yr old hasn't been sick at all this cold/flu season! Actually, the only time she WAS sick in the past 18 months was when she stopped nursing while I was pregnant.

  5. Wow...the infinite power of the boob. This is a great case study! Thank you God for breast milk. Amen.

  6. I know this comment is late. I hope you are feeling better by now. And praise God for protecting that babe. He is AMAZING!


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