Thursday, February 18, 2010

Everyday Life: Why we can't we have a window monkey?

I'd pay money to actually know ALL of what he's thinking instead of only what he says out loud ... the best of the two and half year old from these past two weeks.

While vacuuming the living room carpet ... baby EJ is happily watching me vacuum from his play mat as he gnaws on a green teething toy. As I methodically vacuum around the baby, the two and a half year old approaches apprehensively. He watches the vacuum go back and forth back and forth as I inch closer to the baby. Finally, he cannot take it one moment longer. He flings himself onto my leg and screeches, "No, mommy! Don't let vacuum eat my baby broder! No!!!!"
He is apparently scarred for life after witnessing when the vacuum sucked up one of his plastic play forks, two of his socks and one tiny orange construction cone from his play garage set during our last cleaning session.

You all know how much the the two and half year old loves Curious George. In one episode, George plants seeds and then picks the carrots from his garden when they are done growing.
While the kiddo was playing with Grandma W. he rooted his butt in our recliner chair and declared, "Oh, pick me! I'm a carrot. Pick me like you pick carrot!"
Ugghhhh .... what??

Speaking of George the monkey, the Man With the Yellow Hat always cautions George to "be a good little monkey" before George leaves the house. My preschooler thinks this is apparently a great way to bid everyone farewell.
I dropped him off in this preschool room this morning at Mothers of Preschoolers before baby EJ and I headed off to the meeting. I told him I loved him and I hoped he'd have fun.
"OK, I will have fun!" he exclaimed.
"Great, see you later, buddy."
"OK, be a good little mommy monkey and a good little baby!"

I overheard him spending quality time with his gangly stuffed frog this afternoon a mere two hours after he'd gotten into trouble for being rude to some of the ladies at church when he refused to say goodbye to them after MOPs.
"It NOT nice to be rude to people. You have a big time out now."
"You don't want time out? Weeeeeelll, next time you be nice to ladies at church. Little frogs who not nice have to time out and do NOT get to watch George movies."

Our little guy already has figured out how to get his favorite things. After a day of helping soothe cranky teething baby all while trying to deal with a cranky, teething toddler who woke up at 5:45 a.m., I all but fell into the living room chair when the clock hit 4:30 p.m and sighed loudly.
"What matter, mama?"
"I'm tired, and I don't want to make dinner right now."
"Oh! We have pizza!" he exclaimed.
"Really, you think mommy should order pizza?"
"What kind of pizza?"
"Pizza with chocolate drippings on top."
Laughing, I asked, "And where do you think we can get this kind of pizza?"
"Mostly at Culvers."

That's right, little guy. Wear mommy down until she's at her breaking point and then suggest chocolate pizza for dinner from Culvers. And when she doesn't have an argument, assume that you've won for the day.

In another episode of George, the little monkey is a window cleaner for a high rise building. And in that episode, George helps some people while he's cleaning the windows, to which they respond, "Oh, thank you, window monkey!"
I tell the preschooler it's time to pick up his toys two afternoons ago.
"You help me?" he asked.
"I have to finish dinner," I replied, "so you work on picking up your Legos, OK?"
Big sigh from the toddler who reluctantly begins putting his Legos into a bucket.
"Why can't we have a window monkey?" he sighed.

Well, why can't we have a window monkey?


  1. Culvers has a chocolate pizza? I might have to investigate. Or maybe make at home. Hmmm.

  2. why can't i have a window monkey for my classroom full of three year olds. oh that's right, I AM the window monkey. thanks for the laughs.

  3. I want a window monkey!
    A couple days ago after B's trip to the ER, she and I had ice cream sundaes for lunch! So go ahead and have the Culver's pizza, I sure wont judge.

  4. Oh, I want a window monkey too!

    These are so great, he is such a character!

  5. George is a favorite here! I could use a window monkey too. Fun!

  6. Oh George, he's such a great influence hey?

    Now chocolate pizza...that is one smart kid!


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