Friday, February 19, 2010

Life Lessons: Don't stress about the peanuts

I'm up to my elbows in containers full of nuts while hunting for organic peanuts in the snack aisle of my local grocery store.

I'm shaking my head in disgust because there are no organic peanuts, and I don't want to drag the kids out to another store in the freezing cold. My husband is slowly becoming the kind of irritated that will culminate in me yelling at him about not caring about our health and what the heck is wrong with you anyway for not giving a rip about buying organic peanuts after he sighs a breath of frustration and I hear it.

In trying to avoid that situation playing out in the middle of the store, I switch gears. If I cannot find the organic nuts, I will find nuts without added gunk like MSG, hydrogenated oils and other fantabulous kill-you-slowly-with-a-sneak-up-heart-attack ingredients.

And even that's a challenge. I read more ingredient labels than my husband can stand, so we finally agree to send him to get the rest of the items on the list with our two year old while I finish scouring the peanut ingredient lists. He's a little lost because I'm making a new recipes-- Thai Chicken Noodle Salad -- and we don't normally get things like chow mein noodles and rice noodles. But he forges on as I obsess over the peanuts.

I finally settle for non-organic, lightly salted peanuts that contain none of the things on my banned ingredient list. Why am I so intent on organic nuts anyway? Because growers use an extreme amount of pesticides on peanuts imparticular. So organic peanuts are worth forking out a little bit extra for .... I digress.

Anyway, we get home, and I make the Thai Chicken Noodle Salad. I put all of the ingredients in big bowls -- chicken, carrots, zuchinni, rice noodles, (non-organic) peanuts, lettuce and chow mein noodles. And we have a pleasant dinner.

Until I want to hurl. While cleaning up the dinner mess, I roll up the bag of the chow mein noodles. And as I'm rolling, I glance at the nutrition label, normally something I do before I ever buy anything, but as you recall, hubby had found many of our list items while I became distraught looking for organic peanuts.

And I see it. Glaring at me. Mocking me. ONE GRAM OF TRANS FAT PER SERVING. Sure enough, there are hydrogenated oils in the chow mein noodles --which is the absolute WORSE type of fat you can consume (hello, clogging areteries and heart attack and stroke!).

I stomp over the to garbage can and whip that bag into the garbage while simultaneously planning how I can single handedly sabotage that company for using trans fat.

But I realize, you know, it's my own fault. While I was stressing over buying non-organic peanuts, I bought something way more dangerous and unhealthy.

I've mused since the great chow mein debacle about what other huge things I've been overlooking while I'm busy sweating the non-organic peanuts.

What have you missed while obsessing over the peanuts?


  1. Good point about missing things. I sometimes get too caught up in refereeing my kids' battles that I don't see how they may be having their own personal issues. It's tough as a mom when things get crazy to stop and think about what each kid may be going through.

  2. LOL! I love you!
    After the past two day I've had I needed that laugh. That is something I would do!

  3. You sound just like me!! I'm a freak about finding organic and get so upset when I can't (I hate going to more than one store) It is amazing what companies put in food that is supposed to be "healthy".

    As for my peanuts I often stress so much about our schedule and staying on track I have to remind myself to slow down doesn't hurt if we read books for 10 minutes extra:) Great post- You made me laugh!


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