Friday, March 12, 2010

Babywearing: Why we wear

We wear our babies because you don't get expressions like this

or smiles like this

or sweet surrender like this
when baby's tucked away in a bucket with limited views of the carseat sun shade.

Research has shown babies who are worn for three hours a day cry 43 percent less overall* and Dr. Sears has observed that worn babies are smarter, more organized and humanized earlier.

I think I'd cry less if I spent my days snuggled against the people I love the most.

What's your inspiration? Why do you wear your little one?
*1986, Montreal pediatricians' study

Remember, always follow these six safety guidelines when wearing your little one!


  1. Love those cute babywearing pictures! I posted recently on why I love babywearing... for me it's the connection and snuggle time :)

  2. Adorable photos!!! I love babywearing...we didn't really very much until B was 6 mo which I regret, my sling at the time (jelly bean) was too small for all my extra leftover preggo weight. I know have plenty of sling types so I am ready if we ever have another little one. I still wear B all the time even though she is now 17 mo, in fact we can't really shop without it:) Our favorite is our Mei Tai.

  3. I miss when Paige was that little...
    But last night both kids took turns in the mei tai, and they were loving it :) Even Fynn! I was surprised I could still fit him on my back comfortably. We might have to try that on those super angsty days!

  4. I love the closeness, especially when she falls asleep nuzzled against me when we're out and about. It is so sweet! I've just started to wear her to where she is facing away from me and I think she really enjoys the new perspective.
    Wearing her is also the only way I can manage to walk to the dog. :)

  5. Awww those are such cute photos. I wish I'd known about baby wearing when the wee ones were small enough. I could use some organized children ;)

  6. I love babywearing bc I know that new things are often scary when you are alone- but not when you are in the arms of someone who is your world. New experiences and sights shared byway of babywearing just increases confidence in and respect for the world around baby.
    And I dig that:)

  7. My reasons are for the same exact ones. The same faces would never occur if my little one were ignored in a stroller while I chased her older sister. And because I can't do volunteer work with a free-to-roam-and-destroy toddler. Beautiful photos, Hyacynth!


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