Monday, March 22, 2010

Everyday Life: Going bananas

A Handy Guide to Baby's First Feeding in Six Easy Steps

Step one: Assure baby that the bananas are, indeed, quite tasty -- just like boob juice. Make squeals, smile at baby and do a little happy dance with spoon

Step two: Upon achieving a smile, likely a direct product of the dancing spoon, ensure that the smile has produced a wide-open mouth.

Step three: Move dancing spoon of banana gush swiftly, deftly into wide-open mouth

Step four: Completely shock baby with dancing spoonful of banana in wide open mouth.

Step five: Immediately regret not being able to explain that dancing spoon full of banana gush is not, I repeat, not actually boob juice, just tasty like boob juice.

Step six: Realize you've been found out and that no amount of joyous squealing and singing along with dancing spoonfuls of banana gush will convince baby to preform wide-open mouth smile again. Um, none.

Step seven: Make with the boob juice.
[No time for a picture -- must move fast to avoid epic gagging and choking and sputtering.]


  1. Our babies must be about the same age. I just introduced Lulu to solids a couple weeks ago when she turned 5 months old. So far she prefers veggies to fruits. The fact that she prefers peas to bananas makes me wonder if we left the hospital with the right baby.....

  2. Avocado! Let him play with it and it will eventually end up in his mouth. :0)

  3. Hahahahhaha! I love the play-by-play here. First off, what a cutie (the baby too!). But your jig is definitely up Mom. Good luck next time. Might I suggest a Pig Hand Puppet? ;-)

  4. LOL! Some kids just don't like the mushy food. Grey never did! ha ha Love the pics! :)

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  6. Oh no! I thought all babies liked bananas!

  7. hehe... maybe try thinning it with some milk? Then it's just banana-flavored boob juice! That was the best way to introduce Vince to all foods-- veggies, fruits, cereal, etc.

  8. @USNchic -- my ped says that he recommends babies start of veggies so as not to perpetuate a taste for sweetness. So yay for Lulu!! Sometimes my G. makes me wonder the same thing with his eating of raw celery and onions. Blech!

    @Rose, that is next on my list! Thanks, friend. :)

    @SwedishJenn, ok dish about the Pig Hand Puppet. Come one, let it all out. Preferably with pictures on your blog.

    @Nicole, maybe it is the mush??

    @Foursons, me, too, mama. Me too!

    @Alisa, sneaky nutrition .... I LOVE IT!


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