Thursday, March 25, 2010

Everyday Life: Waiting

I found this upon returning downstairs after nursing the baby to sleep for his nap:

"What happened to your clothes?" I asked, admittedly confused.
He pointed to a heap on the floor.
"Did you spill something on them?" I questioned.
"No, mommy, I take them off so I can take my bath and go to bed with my daddy when he comes home. It time for my daddy to come home because I'm ready for bath and to snuggle my daddy."

I snapped a picture, hugged my sweet little guy and tried to explain.

"Daddy will be home in a few hours; let's put your clothes on."

"I can't," he said. "I want daddy to come home NOW!"

"Oh, buddy, I wish it worked that way," I explained. "I know how you feel; I wait for daddy to come home every day, too. I like it when he's here. Do you miss him while he's at work?"

He nodded.

"Me too, kiddo," I said. "Me too."

This little guy and I -- we're like one in the same. Well, kind of. I'm normally fully clothed when the hubs arrives home but always just as eager for him to walk through the door.

(But can you imagine the look on hubs' face if I took a cue from the toddler?)


  1. That is so cute! I had similar conversations with my son...although fully clothed :-) I'm sure you hubby would probably be thrilled if you followed suit though!

  2. Way to make me tear up at work. I love you guys! A few more hours and I'll be home.

    So about following the toddler's lead...;-)

  3. Aww, that is adorable! When I talk to my husband on the phone, my almost two year old says, without fail, "Daddy, home, soon!" about eleventy-billion times, while I try to explain "later"... ;)

  4. I think you should take a cue from the toddler and take a picture of your hubby's expression so we can all see it. hahahaha

  5. That is the sweetest thing...EVER! And something tells me your husband wouldn't complain if you started using that trick:)

  6. Absolutely adorable... my little boy is 7 months, so we dont quite share these moments YET, but I really cant wait until we do... so so sweet :)

  7. Hahaha! I'm laughing at your last sentence...oh me, oh my...pretty sure it'd be the same look I'd get if I did the same for my hubby's return home! ;) V loves having her daddy home too - she starts to get restless around the time he comes home and, if he fails to say hello and pick her up right away, she whines and tries to climb into his lap. When he leaves for a bike ride, she cries and cries...sometimes I feel like crying too, but I know it's something he enjoys doing and it makes him a much happier hubby/daddy.

  8. @Melissa, are these not the best conversation??

    @John.Worth@ if you came home to me wearing nothing but my birthday suit you'd have to do a lot of explaining to the toddler about why "mommy wear no clothes?"

    @Natalie, so sweet how they love their daddies! It gets better and better the more vocal the little ones get, too. And if you figure out how to explain the concept of later, PULEASE let me in on it. ;)

    @Foursons, @Rose, @Tara, I'll do it if each of you agree to do it and snap pictures and post about it. How's that for not being some mommy bloggers?? Lol!

    @MadHat Mama, just you wait. Little boys LOOOVE their daddies. Soak it up now while you're the apple of his eye. :)

    @Stephanie, I bet it breaks your hubby's heart when she cries for him. That always gets my hubby.

    @Steph@Adventures..., I think the boots is what really makes it such a sight to be seen. lol. At least he's stylin, right?

  9. oh man, I can really relate this time of year... this is DH's busy season, so we see less and less of him (until april 15th) A familiar refrain from Vince-- "dada? dada?" all while pointing at the door. Yes sweetheart, I miss him too...

  10. This just hilarious and so, so sweet!

    Come on over for some mom inspiration and encouragement.

  11. Now I'm starting to wonder if Daddy WOULD come home sooner if I DID take off all my clothes to make it happen! :)


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