Monday, April 12, 2010

Babywearing: PSA -- Kissable and Visible

After the duffel bag sling recall, a few sling makers began a new safety campaign of sorts to help moms and dads identify whether baby is being worn safely: Kissable and Visible.
Baby E. volunteered to be a model for how NOT to be worn yesterday at the Sillicon Valley Moms Chevrolet Missions event where brands and the Chicago Mom Bloggers had a chance to dialogue and mingle.

So is baby's face visible?


And kissable?

No; baby's face should be visible and kissable simultaneously. And, thus, baby should NOT be worn like this in a sling while standing. Especially, while his mother is Tweeting. Now, while she's seated, it's probably not a big deal, but in that case, when mama stands up she should not forgot that her baby wriggled like crazy and she loosened the sling so she and baby could sit comfortably. (Which I --- errr SHE -- didn't, so we're safe.)

Disclaimer: No babies were harmed in the making of this Public Service Announcement. The only thing that suffered was the Tweeting mother's bruised ego when she realized someone had snapped a picture that could potentially be used as a PSA for improper sling wearing. However, she has been advised to not beat herself up because she was sitting and conscious of her decision to loosen said sling while in a seated position, thus not actually putting her baby at risk for injury.

Here, the Tweeting mother demonstrated how a sling should be worn:

Visible and kissable.

Photo credit: Lahleyoo


  1. LOL, that is awesome. I have a couple of babywearing pics (e.g. where I am babywearing in the background of a photo) that have showed me that sometimes a rush ruck is not the *best* way to carry a kid. Thankfully my kids are old enough (4 and 2.5) now that they yell if the ruck is slipping or uncomfortable!

  2. Sometimes when I see older photos of myself babywearing I wince because now I know so much more about how to get us both comfy and safe!

    You didn't let your wiggly 11 monrh old baby almost nose dive out of your loosened sling while sitting in the middle of church, though... ;) *blush*


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