Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Bigger Picture: Complicated Beauty

Life doesn't stop in the face of crisis, illness, sickness, surgery.

Babies still want to nurse and nurse often ... still want to crawl,


Toddlers still want to play catch

and snuggle and monkey around in the back yard.

Businesses still need toilet paper and cases of water.
Husbands must still head to work and host training sessions.
E-mails still flood in boxes.
Deadlines still loom.

The birds keep singing.
The flowers keep growing.
The sun keeps shining.
The minutes keep ticking away into hours, hours to days.

It doesn't matter if you're bound to a hospital waiting room praying for lots of tiny miracles to add up to one phenomenal recovery.
It doesn't matter if your dad's hanging onto life by skinny threads of determination laced with fibers of hope.

But I suppose that's the complicated beauty. Otherwise, life wouldn't be worth fighting for. And, right now, I want him to fight ... everyone wants him to fight.

**My dad is still in the ICU in critical condition. His kidneys and liver are not functioning, and he's very toxic. Tonight, they've added a line to start dialysis. We're praying his blood pressure holds steady, that the dialysis clears out the toxins and extra fluids, which would lesson the pressure on his body as well as [hopefully] startle his kidneys back into functioning. Thank you for praying. I'm overwhelmed at and humbled by the support and love and prayers given so lovingly by so many of you. I cannot thank you enough. If you could ... please keep lifting my dad and family up in prayer.**


  1. And a writer still has beautiful words that need to be released :)

    I'm hoping the writing helps bring you some peace, as I'm sure the nursing and monkeying around will.

    Let it flow, sista ;) We'll be here, and we'll be praying.

  2. Your words speak EXACTLY what happens as our lives stop for life changing events in our own lives but the rest of the world keeps going. That was one of the hardest things for me to deal with. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. I'm still praying.

  3. I wish we lived closer so I could give you the hug I need.

    I don't seem to have the words, but know I am here, praying for you, wanting to hug you and tell you, well I don't know. (My words are really failing me now!)

    I'm praying, ALL of my clan is praying. (How cool is that?!)

  4. You are handling this all with grace and beauty, Hyacynth! Hugs & prayers coming your way!

  5. I am consistently amazed by you, Hyacynth. Your writing is profound and beautiful even through difficult days and nights...
    And your babies little rock shirt is fabulous :)

  6. Prayers for you and your family, Hy. You're in our thoughts.


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