Thursday, April 1, 2010

Everyday Life: Grass is a green, right?

He won't eat bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots or applesauce.
But he will eat grass.

And lots of it.

Does grass count as a leafy green vegetable?
Guess that means we'll keep dining at Le Chic Boob Bistro for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After all, it does serve the perfect food for babies. Can't say as much about the grass, so how about defisting it, mmk, little buddy?


  1. He's getting his fiber! No worries. Hahaha

  2. I think grass should definitely pass as a veggie :) I think the grass dinner is a rite of passage for all babies.

  3. That is the cutest! Love the picture of him "dining" outdoors :)

  4. one of my students dines on sand regulary. "its so crunchy i love it" he says. go figure.

  5. Really? Grass doesn't count as a green and leafy? I think it should. :)

    LOVE the weather today. And tomorrow. Such a cutie you've got there!

  6. I love it! He is so precious!

  7. Oy.........soooo cute. I love seeing photos of babies put random objects in their mouths (as "safely" as possible of course). My little man wasn't a mouthy baby so I missed all that cuteness but luckily also missed the panic.

  8. I think grass is slightly better than carpet fuzz, that's what my little man went for.

  9. Wow! How adorable! I especially loved the last photograph where he is nearly eating his full hand as well :)

  10. This is EXACTLY what my baby girl was doing the other day when I put her in the grass to take some pictures. Tasty!! ;-)

    He's adorable!!


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