Monday, April 5, 2010

Everyday Life: Whole[wheat] birthday fun

You know something has gone horribly awry in the kitchen when after you bake a batch of whole wheat cupcakes for your mom's birthday everyone politely chokes one down except for your garbage-dump 2.5 Year Old who announces "Mommy, this doesn't taste like cupcakes!" and dives head first into the ice cream instead.

And the icing on the [whole wheat cup] cake? -- the baby, who thinks grass is tasty, even forfeits the actual cupcake

to instead happily eat the paper wrapper.

Perhaps next time you will understand that just because whole wheat cupcakes look tasty doesn't mean they actually taste tasty.


  1. My best friend once made me a vegan birthday cake. I am not vegan but the boy she was trying to impress was. Was like eating drywall. At least you could laugh about it, I just felt like a jerk. :)

  2. i must say eating alternative desserts is an acquired taste. sometimes i miss the junky stuff when the alternative become a little too creative, if you know what i mean.

  3. Oh my goodness! You have to check out
    She has some super yummy recipes!

    I would have tried one of the cupcakes. :0)

  4. Oh no! That's funny and sad all at the same time. And leave it to a kid to tell the truth. hahahaha

  5. What a bummer. They do look very yummy.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  6. From the mouths of babes...too funny Hyacynth. They look so good but sound sooo..."doesn't taste like cupcakes".

    You'll hit a homerun soon!

  7. Hey, next time you'll know how to make it better, right? It's all good. Besides, who REALLY needed all the sugar and calories? :)

    And it looks like I'll finally get to meet you in person on Sunday? YAY!

  8. interesting idea. I don't know if I could join that veggie bandwagon. Need my chocolate :)

  9. @Swonderful, lol. Mmmm. Vegan cake. I have a friend, @Kate, who actually says she makes yummy vegan, healthy cakes. Apparently, I must take notes.

    @J -- totally. It IS an acquired taste. One I thought we'd developed, but apparently we (and my baking_ have a long way to go.

    @Rose -- checking it out, sister. Gotta do something! And I love you for your bravery at volunteering to try my crazy recipes.

    @Foursons and @SwedishJenn -- Ah, yes. He's the one who will tell me that, indeed, he did pee on the floor on purpose. So why wouldn't he tell me the cupcakes were terrible? lol

    @Christy -- Thanks for stopping by mine. And thanks for saying they look good. Better than nothing! ;)

    @SeptemberMom -- Back to chocolate goodness I go! Maybe. @Michelle gave me some great tips on how to do it better next time. Thanks for that, Michelle.

  10. Ha ha! I make the same mistake all the time. When I buy the gluten free cookies, they LOOK delicious but it ends there :)


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