Sunday, April 18, 2010

Living Healthfully: That's just Strawesome

It's not always easy being green.

We've been on a five-year-long journey in the making toward living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

We've hit some major potholes (organic honey, anyone?), taken a few detours (oh, my goodness, dishwasher detergent!) and argued about directions (ever heard of family cloth in lieu of TP?) more times than I care to remember.

But I finally feel like we're at a place where we've collectively started embracing the green.

One small change at a time, we've made the switch to buying mostly organic foods, raw, non-toxic household cleaning and personal care products and eco-friendly, reusable items instead of items with a short household lifespan but long trash one. You know which items I'm talking about -- paper plates, plastic water bottles, plastic containers, diapers, drinking straws.

Drinking straws? Yup, this one was a new revelation for me, too, up until pretty recently when Daedre from Strawesome contacted me after she'd visited my blog and read about our efforts in sustainable, healthy living.

Daedre is a work-at-home mom and torch-working artist who makes beautiful, high-quality glass drinking straws. She offered to send me two straws to try and then said she would love to give a set of her straws to one of you, my friends!

We've been using her Strawesome straws instead of reaching for the plastic ones in the cabinet for a month now, and they have lovingly found a place in our every-day use because 1.) 2.5-year-old G insists on using them for every drink (the boy loves straws, and we use them often anyway)

and 2.) they are easy to wash (dishwasher safe!) and reuse. And I love that. I'm also quite happy to have eliminated using another plastic product, thus lessening our exposure to the toxins like BPA and phthalates, which are often found in plastics. And we won't be sending an entire box of straws to our local landfill every few months.

At first, I hesitated letting G. use glass straws (um, hello, he IS two!), but I've found first hand that these bad boys are really sturdy. The kid doesn't just use his straw for drinking; he also uses it as a fishing pole during lunch to catch "fish" [ice cubes] floating in his cup.

At any rate, we used them often for drinking and fishing, and we had no problems at all with breaking during his every-day use.

And it wasn't really G. I should have been worried about; rather I should have questioned my own care! I accidentally dropped his straw on the hardwood floor while trying to do too many things at once, and his straw broke into two pieces. (I was really, really tempted to blame this one on the kid, but I had to be honest.) I'm glad to say that even when the accident happened with his straw, the glass was so strong (made of borosilicate glass - same as Pyrex dishes) that the break was clean, and I didn't have to scramble to clean up shattered glass fearing little feet would be cut. Although, I will have to live with G. asking me, "Why you break my straw, mommy?" for the rest of eternity even after I promised to buy him a new one.

Daedre, however, came to the rescue after the great Straw Slaughter of 2010, and offered to send me a replacement if I simply paid for the shipping. Her company has a life-time guarantee against breakage. Ahhhhh. Sweet sigh of relief.

Simply leave a comment sharing why you would like to welcome a set of beautiful hand-crafted Strawesome straws into your home, and you'll be entered into a giveaway to win them. For extra entries you can ...
* Tweet about the giveaway by saying "Celebrate Earth Day! Enter to win 2 hand-crafted, beautifully designed glass drinking straws from Strawesome." and linking to this post and tagging my Twitter handle @HyacynthW.
* Become a fan of Strawesome on Facebook and let Daedra know which straw you like most and why.

Be sure to leave separate comments each time you secure another entry.

I'll announce the winner Tuesday, April 20 at 10 p.m. central time in hopes that the winner might get the Strawesome straws just in time to help the lucky person celebrate Earth Day by taking another step in going green and living healthfully.

As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was our foundation for healthy, Earth friendly living. But at least we're standing firm as we build the rest of the [green] house one little glass straw at a time.

**G.'s cup is, indeed, plastic, but it is BPA and phthalates-free, which is a requirement for plastic around this house.
Daedra from Strawesome sent me two decorative smoothie straws. I was not compensated for hosting this giveaway; I'm simply doing it because I love to share great sustainable living, eco-friendly products, and I like to support work-at-home moms' business adventures, especially when said businesses promote such beauty and sustainability.**


  1. I would love to win these because Luke loves to drink through straws, but I hate the amount of waste generated by disposable plastic straws.

  2. Those would be a fantastic addition in our kitchen :) Fynn LOOOVES straws, and I've definitely been wondering about the waste factor.

  3. We like to use straws in our household, but have eliminated them due to the waste. I would love to have one of Daedre's glass straws.

  4. My 2.5 year old is also a huge fan of drinking through straws. I try to use less by re-using water straws and rinsing the milk straws, but we still throw away an awful lot! These beautiful straws would be a wonderful addition to our home!

  5. What a fun product! I'd love to try these and add them to our list of more eco-friendly products.

  6. I would like an entry. We too are in the process of changing our lives (Paleo anyone?!). I love that since we've reduced our consumption of processed foods we've reduced our amount of trash and recyclables. I think if we could compost we'd have virtually no trash!

  7. These look great! I have given up on the reusable plastic straws, I can never get them properly cleaned (yuck!). Thanks for sharing!

  8. I heard about these a few weeks ago and contemplated getting some- but also was worried about the breakage and the ability to clean thoroughly. We currently use plastic reusables, which are difficult to clean, and reluctantly disposables b/c we can drink smoothies so much easier that way. I hope I win! :)

  9. Also became a FB fan! I love the smoothie straws with the blue and green swirls/dots.

  10. These straws look great! Since quitting smoking I have found that straws curb the urge to smoke (it is kind of the same feeling!) I go through about 3 straws a day at home!

  11. I never even thought about glass straws! As a grown up I LOVE straws because they make me drink more water more quickly and Lanie is always begging to get straws at the store and I always have to try to turn her attention elsewhere... she's 8 and that isn't working so well anymore. d

  12. became a fan! or rather "Like" -- where did the "Become a Fan" Button go?

  13. I'd love to try out a glass straw... sounds so intriguing. I love to go green whenever possible.

  14. Awesome! Ben drinks his pediasure with a straw every morning and I would love for him to avoid that daily dose of plastic. LOL.

    Gorgeous item!!

  15. I would love to win these. We have smoothies very frequently and use lots of plastic straws. I never even thought of glass straws.

  16. AWESOME!!! I have never seen these before and I am so excited! We use reusable plastic straws right now but I am always looking for alternatives to plastics in our home! I am sure me and Bianca could use these for our weekly smoothies:)

  17. Whoa, these are awesome! I also have a 2 year old who lives to drink from straws. This is just a brilliant idea.


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