Saturday, May 1, 2010

Everyday Life: A little R and R

I had been lost in a fine cleaning frenzy our first full day home after we'd been gone for nearly two weeks tending to my dad and then his funeral. I'm a stress cleaner, so I was really working on pretty much purging the entire contents of boxes stacked in the playroom. The more stressed I feel, the more things find new homes.
I heard glass clinking in the living room, and I took a break from the madness to check it out; The noise was our two and half year old reminding us that we were not the only ones who have had a long week.

When asked what on Earth he was doing, he calmly replied,
"I'm relaxing while I drink my lemonade."

"Here, mom," he said. "I think you need to watch a little bita George and have some lemonade and relaxing, too."

Yup, buddy, I think you're right. We all need to take a deep breath, exhale and renew right now. Thank God for little people who unknowingly and clearly redefine priorities, necessesities and lead us to healing our hearts.

**No, he wasn't actually drinking his "lemonade," which was cleverly housed in Leinenkugals bottles; he was only pretending. And the bottles have found a new home on a higher shelf in the pantry.**


  1. That's adorable, my son used to ask for an olive in his milk...because daddy always had an olive in his after work drink (martini's).

    and I'm a stress cleaner to, so I get it!


  2. That is so stinkin cute. My grandson sees the Miller Lite commercials and says "look it's Pa's milk"

    I've been reading your posts dedicated to your sweet father and crying right along with you. You were lucky to have each other and he'll continue to be there in spirit when you need him most.

    Hugs to you, be sure take some time for R and R.

    Another Daddy's Girl

  3. I am a stress cleaner too. I know I keep going back to my experience, so if it annoys you please tell me to shut it.

    Anyways, my MIL and dad died within 2 weeks of each other. We cleaned out 2 houses. My house was so filled with boxes that there was only aisles into all the rooms. My backporch had 2 couches, a chair, and 3 tables on it. It was sooo stressful but at the same time gave me much needed stress relief.

  4. I laughed out loud reading this. Adorable.

  5. Those pictures, and his words, crack me up :) Totally something Fynn would do! With George in the background, of course!

  6. Isn't it amazing how our little ones can break the tension and bring a smile to our faces no matter what? Too funny! I clean when I'm stressed too, but the first few days back home after my Grandpa died I didn't want to do anything. I felt numb and unsure what to do next. Praying for you, dear friend.

  7. Too cute!

    I think I need to become a stress cleaner. I'm stressed most to the time lately and my house needs a serious cleaning/clearing out!

  8. I love it! What a great picture of Gabe, he's a riot.

    Kids are funny what they pick up. To vince, everything anyone ever drinks is milk. water, OJ, pop... and when vince is drinking his milk, you better believe that YOU are drinking your milk. "Mama milk? Dada milk?" He gets very upset if you don't have a glass of some type of "milk" in front of you.

    hang in there, I hope your stress subsides a bit with some cleaning ... and maybe some *lemonade* of your own :)

  9. Oh that is just the sweetest! I hope you're taking his advice!

  10. I like his advice about relaxing. We all could use a time to just stretch out with a lemonade.

    Very cute.

  11. mmmm "lemonade". My son was trying to mooch mama's diet coke so of course I had to put pictures on my blog too.

    I hope you guys have a calmer May.


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