Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Five for Ten: Yes

Before I met you, I planned to change the world {in such very big ways}.

I thought I'd jet across the globe after college graduation {journalism diploma in hand}, find a far-away landscape dusted with people who had stories to tell. I'd spend my days learning a language, understanding their words, translating their lives into words. And I'd write. I'd write their stories in black and white, big, bold headlines,inspire change {in such very big ways}.

But I met you. And I vowed yes, -- yes to becoming one from two. Instead of packing my bags, jett setting to a small village across the ocean, I found myself neck-deep in the foreign land of marriage, learning a language of compromise, unconditional love and undeserved forgiveness. Learning about you. Learning that when two become one they actually become three and four. Learning that I didn't really have to go half way across the world to meet interesting people, find profound stories, write. Learning that once I said yes to you, I actually would find the song I'd write until the day I die.

Once I said yes, I found that writing would only document the journey of how I'd inspire change through guiding the little people who will one day become very big people.

And what I've done here in this little familiar corner of the world, how I've spent my days, will, indeed, change the world {in such very big ways}.


  1. This is so lovely! This line: "I actually would find the song I'd write until the day I die." did me in... I'm sitting here all mushy as Fynn builds a big train track at my feet...

  2. Isn't it amazing how God changes our plans for us? I love that He knows what is best for our lives even when we can't fathom it.

  3. So lovely! Beautiful Hyacynth. You're an amazing writer with such a genuine sense of how words can convey a mother's heart. Great picture too!

  4. Oh yes, I always dreamed big. I would travel. I would speak different languages. I would get my PhD and feel ever so accomplished. But then the unexpected happened. And again. And again. And again. And...well, you get the point. My life took twists and turns I never thought in a million years that it could.

    And though I haven't lost all of my dreams (maybe just tweaked them a bit), it still amazes me every day that my focus in on my children and all of the big, little things that they will do. All the ways THEY will effect change and good in the world. And now I know how my mama always felt about me. And it makes me soar and reach even higher. For me. But yes, mostly for my kids.

    Lovely post. Lovely!


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