Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life Lessons: Prepared

A huge tri-fold crash clamored from one of the upstairs bedrooms.

"What happened?" I yelled up the stairs, trying to fasten baby E.'s diapers as quickly as possible.

Seconds later, G.'s little face appeared through the banister.

"I broke my door!" he said.

"Huh? How? What door?"

"This door in my room! I was trying to get a little boy out of the closet, and I broke my door," he animated, clearly shocked.

Of course, upon investigation, I discovered there was no little boy trapped in the closet who didn't reside in the figments of my 2.5 year old's imagination. But he clearly wasn't imagining having completely broken his closet door, knocking in completely off of track. The heavy wooden double fold rested innocently enough on the floor, but I knew we were so, so very blessed that G. hadn't actually been injured by the falling door, knocked unconscious or trapped beneath it.

I gathered G. into my arms, and I explained how very blessed we were. We prayed together and thanked God for His shield of protection around my big boy. And then we had the caution talk about how we cannot just go slamming into things full speed and expect not to get hurt.

"Accidents happen," I said as I held him in my arms completely and totally relieved he was fine. "But we have to be careful."

"Mommy, I was veeeeery careful," he assured me.

I wanted to tell him he wasn't. But, I knew I couldn't be sure of that. Thought it seemed unlikely for a closet door to come completely off its track at the hands of a two year old, it was quite possible that he hadn't really been monkeying around carelessly and it really was just a freak accident.

You know, the kind of freak accident that makes your mommy heart jump up and nervously dance throughout your entire chest when thinking about the possibility of a different outcome. I know better than to what if myself or borrow trouble, but this little incident {that could have been a very big, very bad one}, got me thinking.

Despite our best efforts to protect our children -- buying safety plugs to insert in outlets, removing wires from the living room floor, leaving their little butts in a rear-facing position during car rides until they reach the maximum weights, knowing the friends and family members with whom they drive -- we cannot protect them from everything. Because accidents happen. Freak accidents happen. Closet doors come off of tracks and crash to the floor.

The best we can do is use our brains, prepare our homes based on common sense, wisdom and advice and pray for our Heavenly Father to place a hedge of protection around these little blessings. After all, they were His children first.

"For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb." Psalm 139:13

And they'll be His forever.

"For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God. For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, "Abba! Father!"
The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God,
and if children, then heirs--heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, provided we suffer with him in order that we may also be glorified with him." Romans 8:14

I just have to rest in this truth, soak it into my heart, into my brain. Because while I can prepare my home to prevent {some} accidents from happening, I cannot prepare the world into which my little ones are quickly bounding.

It would be a better use of time if I prepared my heart.


  1. This is something I struggle with constantly! I have all sorts of anxiety issues when thinking of all the possible accidents that could befall my children and this family. You're so right, it needs to be about trusting God and having faith!

    I'm so glad that G is safe!

  2. Having faith is such a crucial part of raising children. I had no idea until those babies were born, how important and incredible a role it would play in our lives.

  3. I love your reminder about "they'll be His forever", because, really, they were His to begin with and we are given the responsibility to raise them in His name. It's a very convicting thought. Where is my focus when I am raising my children and what is my PURPOSE in raising them? It should be focused on HIM and raising them to serve and love Him so they will make the choice to be His forever. My (in-real-life) friend wrote a post yesterday along the same lines and I love how she says, "I am only BORROWING them from Him! He has given them to me as a responsibility, and at some point I have to give them back to Him." So true...and SO convicting! (Here is her post -

  4. Just so you know, Hyacynth, this fear never stops....when they are all grown and educated, your heart still hurts when they hurt, rejoices when they rejoice and constantly lays them before the Throne of God as a daily reminder that only He is in control. My mom used to say, "Children are in your arms only a short while, but in you heart forever".

  5. I live this every day.
    You said it very, very well and I wanted to thank you.
    I think all the time about how I will parent having lived through that worst case scenario, whether it will be easier or harder for me to accept that I can't control it all, that my children are not really my own at all.
    So far, it's a mix of anxiety, grace and peace. I wouldn't be surprised if that's how it stays. :)

  6. I'm worried all the time. It's so tough when they get older and take physical chances in their play. I seem to be always envisioning a big fall or collision. It's tough to be a mommy sometimes. I guess a bit of worry is part of this sweet deal :)

  7. Great post.

    I pray for that protection over my children every day. and one day, while I was beating myself up over a freak occurrence with one of my daughters, i felt the peace of God wash over my heart as well as this thought: "You pray every day that I'll return your family home safe to each other. I returned her home safely to you."

    I've never taken that prayer, or it's power, for granted since.

  8. I'm try so hard to have faith and not worry. I used to be so much better at it until that worst case scenario happened. Now I'm truly learning that you cannot control anything, and to just be faithful but the anxiety of that, still gets me.

  9. Wow, I loved reading your post! Stephanie directed me, and I am so thankful she did! I love your heart, and I can totally relate! I especially love how you said it would be a much better use of your time to prepare your heart!! Sometimes I feel so frantic about making sure I get everything done right, protecting them, dotting all the i's crossing all the t's, you know what I mean, and then I completely forget to pray, which is the true only thing that matters. Thank you for the awesome reminder!


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