Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Living Healthfully: Organic Gardening (Week Two)

While the tomato plants and E. are still babies, I've been trying to focus my efforts on other sections of the garden while I still have the time. Because once those 21 vines and E. grow into toddlers, my entire morning is going to revolve around chasing them down.

In shifting my focus, I found we made some {noticeable} mistakes with our first garden.

Like not labeling every plant and marking the rows extremely clearly type of noticeable.

You see this plant?

And this one?

Yeah, I see them, too. But I've got no stinkin' idea what those babies are called. I'm pretty much just waiting to see if they bloom (herbs?) or just keep sprouting more leaves (leafy green of some sort?) or if they produce something bigger {squash? Did we even buy squash?}. So, well, next year, yes, I will label more clearly with perhaps popsicles sticks donning names and plant dates.

And I will not use this as a row marker.

That was dumb. Really, really dumb. I might even fix it this season when I figure out:

A. If that's the row of carrots
B. If that's the row of bush beans
C. If that's even a row at all

Also, I have no idea what this plant is either.

{In my defense, a gardening friend plucked a bunch of plants out of her garden and graciously gave them to me free of charge. And it that type of transaction, label markers are not part of the process.}

But what I do know about it? It looks pretty pitiful after a 2.5 year old steps on it while doing his morning watering.

You may have noticed our garden hose is too short and that we have to drape it over the fence.

And you also may have noticed that we have drape the hose over the fence because we have no gate on that side.

Of course, I didn't notice that until after we put the garden in and realized that we'd worn a path in the grass from walking all the way around the other side of the yard where our gate is located when we need to turn on the water. Normally, that wouldn't be a big deal; except both baby and 2.5 year old keep insisting on being carried while I'm trying to water the garden, which needs to be watered 10 times a day or something because it's been 90 degrees and the plants are in direct sunlight.

And one last word about fences. If you're going to enclose an entire garden, one probably should recognize that grass within the fence will still need to be cut. So one should leave enough space for a lawnmower to get through if that's the case. Otherwise, one will also have a grass garden in addition to a vegetable garden.

Forget the 21 tomato plant toddlers. Having a garden period is like running an in-home daycare for 30 preschoolers who never go home.


  1. Just wait, you will reap the benefits of all of your hard work soon! Then we'll all be jealous of your toddlers.

  2. The first time is always the hardest! It's good to know where you need to change things next year :) And it makes for good blog posts! Giggling over the lawn in the enclosed fence... so something I would do!
    But things are growing!!! That's fantastic!!

  3. I'm so glad you're doing this Hyacynth! By the time I work up the motivation to grow veggies I'll be all kinds of prepared! {so sorry it's at your expense} Hey, no matter what, you'll have some fresh veggies, right?

  4. Hee! So much laughing from my corner :)

    Encouraging laughter, though!

  5. Oooo I have nifty markers from Target that I bought last year. That I didn't use. And hey, at least "weeds" weren't an option for you!

    Any thought to using a rain barrel? I thought Lake County gave a great deal on them....


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