Friday, June 11, 2010

Creativity Book Camp: Fluid (Day Six)

Today's guidelines for Creativity Boot Camp were to break all of my own rules, take myself out of my comfort zone as I created. While I occasionally write poetry now (and used to almost hourly a few years back), I've rarely shared it. And I've always edited and rewritten and reworked. So I'm breaking two of my routines tonight -- I'm sharing, and I'm sharing an unrevised copy. But, sorry, Maegan, I will be going back at some point to rework, reshape and restructure. It's compulsive.

Fluid (Day Six)

There was no sudden gush of fluid
dripping down my legs
puddling on the floor
around my feet.

No large, unexpected jolt
from inside my large, round
stomach that sent me through
the roof, screaming
for a trip to the hospital.

There were no ear-piercing cries
escaping through my lips,
swear words streaming full volume
from my mouth,
threats of bodily harm directed
at the man who did this to me,
the man I love.

No pleas for epidurals
or something to take the edge
off of the sharp, throbbing contractions
gripping my body,
pushing you closer to life.

There were no poorly scripted
movie scenes
or horror birth stories
played out in our living room
or our bedroom floor.

There were long groans,
signs of hard work,
moving you closer to a world
outside of my abdomen
to inside my arms.

There were calm, peaceful moments,
eyes of the storm,
where I'd find my hands
searching for your movements
through stretched skin
and momentarily still muscles.

There was a body
with a job to do
and a mind set on pushing
the body to do it.

There was excitement.
And relaxation.
And tears.
And effort.
And pain.
And encouragement.
And pushing.
And laughing.
And focusing.
And laboring.
And birthing.

And then there was you.


Life and its beginning
as I'd never seen depicted
but always longed for, desired.

And undeniably perfect.

But I'd have taken anything,
long scar spanning my hips
or hours laboring
in a delivery room
so long as there was you.


{First photo taken nine months from the day baby E was born approximately nine inches from where he was born.)


  1. awwwwww!!!
    Love this!
    And what a little cutie.
    There's nothing quite like motherhood, is there.

  2. Wow, that is beautiful! Following you over the last few days has made me wish I chose writing instead of, or maybe in addition to, photography. You have a wonderful way with words, and what a perfect representation of the word fluid!

  3. really sweet. lovely to have such an experience, that moment, captured in poerty. sweet pics too, what a smile.

  4. Beautiful birth story and beautiful representation of the word!

  5. I just can't "touch" this. It is sooooooo amazingly wonderful. It was a pleasure to read Hy. Damn girl, you got some talent. And boy oh boy are those boys of yours ever lucky. Thanks for brightening my long day xo

  6. Oh... So so gorgeous.... lovely.

  7. This is lovely! Way to take the risk.

  8. I literally feel full of this. It swelled inside me. The moment of birthing our children, no matter how it happens. My goodness, words make it so hard to say!


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