Saturday, June 19, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp: Smile (Day Thirteen)

Yesterday was the last day of Creativity Boot Camp. And I needed an entire day to bask in the prompt and mourn the end of boot camp. But I actually didn't need to grieve the last day because Maegan, our boot camp coach, plans to continue inspiring every Sunday with a word prompt over at her place.

Smile (Day Thirteen)
I often lose it amid the towering blocks and tiny toy cars strewn haphazardly across the floor.

Sometimes it's hidden in the shadows of scrubbing muddy little feet and the footprints left in the wake of a chase after romping through mud puddles.
Or it's buried in the soft, cascading piles of shirts and underwear, nearly invisible in the chaos that is life with two pairs of small sticky hands and four large paws underneath a rambunctious puppy.

But every now and then I find it when I wrap the silky hues of pale pinks, delicate violets and whispered coppers around my waist, letting the layers, hems fall gently around my ankles.

A glimpse of beauty, a feeling of loveliness that's normally tucked inside a wonderfully messy life with two little boys. And I can't help but notice a smile spread across my cheekbones, quietly glisten in my eyes.

Every mom should have that kind of skirt in her closet.

And every mom should take it off the hanger every now and then, hang it on her hips and saunter out the door hand-in-hand with the first love of her life for conversation and coffee alone {but oh-so together}.

{A post inspired by a Twitter conversation with a friend.}

What's in your closet that makes you feel absolutely lovely?


  1. Lovely. I have a gorgeous antique wool coat that sweeps that floor and has beading. People stop me and comment. I love telling them that it is 80 years old. :)

  2. Love it! What a great interpretation and I know that feeling oh so well.

  3. Great last post for the boot camp! I have a winter coat that makes me feel so feminine and pretty when I wear it. :)

  4. Awww, what a cute post!! It is so easy to "lose" that smile amid the "mundane" isn't it?? But, oh when we can bring it back with just the simplest little gesture, it's almost like we never lost in the first place =)

  5. I love that skirt :) Gorgeous!!! And yes, every woman needs a bit of that.

  6. Your writing is spectacular....and so insightful. As we move on in our lives from loving the muddy, sweet hands that we clean and patiently reclean, we find different ways to stop paying attention to those special moments, however brief, of lovliness that come around. That "lovely skirt" is a wonderful metaphor for anything we wear or do that gives us that lift. Thank you for reminding us to stop once in a while and acknowledge our own "lovely skirts".


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