Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Everyday Life: Do Good {It's today!}

DON'T FORGET!! Today is Do Good Day.
G. and I will be heading to Chicago to have a bake day at the Ronald McDonald House in Lincoln Park to help the families who are staying there. Details about Do Good Day are below. **You can win $25 for yourself and $30 for your charity pick by linking up today and/or tomorrow with your do-good photos or post.** Your random act of kindness can be big or small because it's the heart that matters most here. Let's make a difference in someone's day together. Who knows? It might just spread like wildfire. :)

My almost 3-year-old son has developed a method for getting his hands on whatever his baby brother is mouthing at any random point during the day.

"No, no, baby E.," he says sweetly. "This is wayyy too dangerous for you."

He then gently removes the object of his desire from his little brother's hands replacing it with something his 3-year-old brain has deemed less interesting.

It's cute; although, it's admittedly manipulative because he knows very well that the orange shovel he's just extracted from the baby's hand is not dangerous in the least.

Rather, it's desirable. So he's learned the acceptable method of feeding his craving; he gets it for the sake of his little brother's safety. It's seemingly altruistic.


On the outside, it looks like he's looking out for his little brother's best interests, but on the inside? Well, there's a heart problem here. A heart problem that screams selfishness.

Instead of reprimanding G., though, I know I need to help shape his heart. It seems like he's interested in being altruistic and caring {and he does demonstrate true caring and concern in other areas quite often}, so I need to teach him how to go about turning off the selfishness and truly working on serving others in his life.

I know. Big lessons for a preschooler.

But I want him to know that when he's taken the shovel and he's digging alone, he cannot make as big of a hole ... and it's just not as fun. It's lonely when we only serve our own needs.

So in our tiny every day ventures, like digging trenches in the sand at the beach, we've been working on serving others with a joyful heart and treating others the way we'd like to be treated. We've been working on loving others through our actions -- everything from sharing with his brother to helping Grandma Puppy stock the fridge with bottles of water.

And now we've got the opportunity to do good on a grander level.

I've been commissioned by TheMotherhood and 77kids by american eagle to participate in a national day of pay-it-forward types of kindess today in Chicago. It's ae's first-ever Do Good Day, launched as a way to celebrate the grand opening of 77kids stores, in which ae will be inspiring kids to focus on doing good through stories posted by real kids in their stores. We're joining with 77 other bloggers in seven cities across the United States in doing seven different service projects as a way to pay it forward, teach our little ones about doing good and increasing awareness about the 77kids store openings.

For the planning and execution of Do Good Day, I'm receiving a stipend. And I'm using some of that stipend to extend the potential for paying it forward on a bigger level.

I thought about donating some of it to an organization of G.'s choice, but I wanted the effects to be farther reaching.

I wanted to dig a bigger hole.

So I'm asking for some help.

I'll be hosting a link-up Wednesday, July 14-15 for anyone who decides to engage with their kiddos in a random act of kindness.

If you and your little ones engage in a pay-it-forward type of kindess today or tomorrow, simply post a picture of your little ones acting part of it out on your blog and briefly write about it. Then link your post here!

After the link-up closes, will choose one person to win $25 {cash}. And additionally, that person will choose a charity* to recieve an additional $30.

It can be as simple as your little ones weeding a neighbor's flower bed or helping them clean out some of their unused toys and donating them to a local women's shelter. It's totally up to you!

And though I've been commissioned by ae to participate in Do Good Day, the company has NOT asked me to host this link up. I simply just wanted to pay it forward to one of my friends here by giving away $25 to her family and $30 to a charity* chosen by her {and I think the simple act of engaging our little ones in a little do-good project is worthwhile in itself}.

I'm looking forward to reading about how others engage in simple random acts of kindess; I'll share how our time at the Ronald McDonald House went today later this evening!

And I'm looking forward to how big of a hole we can dig together.

*I will provide a list of 10 charities from which the winner can choose.


  1. Mrs. Cline summed you up perfectly.

  2. Way cool! I love it. And that manipulativeness? I see that in the wee ones, too, sometimes. We'll get there. All of us.

    And what a neat idea! (btw you have $25 in one place and $30 in another) :)

  3. Wow - not only do you engage in paying it forward, by hosting this link up, you're encouraging others to do so too. And this world can certainly use more random acts of kindness. Great thinking!

    I hope my Little Miss will decide to do good that day so we can participate :)

  4. Good lessons to teach and learn. Thank you!

  5. I am totally moved by the fact that your "bigger hole" look at overcoming selfishness. I think all people struggle with this--and finding a way to make your kids more aware of selfishness is a really awesome thing to focus on. Bravo, mama. I imagine an incredibly compassionate family over there...I like that image!

  6. oh, the molding of young hearts is a big task!

    love this:)

  7. Big and important lessons. And I love how you've woven this all together into something so wonderful. You've made me think about how I'm teaching these same lessons to my children. I'm not sure I'm doing a good enough job. So now I must ponder and consider!

  8. I so enjoyed reading this post this morning. Absolutely beautiful : ). How wonderful to get kids involved in doing good

    Thank you for your loving compliments on my blog. I always appreciate reading them. You have a kind heart, Hyacynth.

    I must tell you that I LOVE your name, too! "Hyacynth House" was my favorite Doors song as a teenager. Okay, enough random facts, haha.

    Have a lovely day with your precious family. Lots of love to you!
    ~ Laura

  9. Oh Hyacynth, what a beautiful post and great, big, gorgeous heart you have!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I love this post. Looking forward to meeting you next week!

  11. You make us stop and think when we visit you here. That's such a good thing. As a mom, I need those moments of reflection and decision. You keep us on track so often. Thank you!

  12. I'm just finding this today. Is it too late for me to participate?

  13. Hyacynth,
    I found your blog just a few short weeks ago and find myself coming back to visit on a regular basis. I really like it!

    I love what you wrote about your son...there are so many layers to our children, aren't there?

    I hope your day at Ronald McDonald house went well.

    Thanks for hosting!


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